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Hints, O.

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Asynchronous δ13Ccarb and δ13Corg records during the onset of the Mulde (Silurian) positive carbon isotope excursion from the Altajme core, Gotland, Sweden
Biebesheimer, E. J., Cramer, B. D., Calner, M., Barnett, B. A., Oborny, S. C., Bancroft, A. M.
Chemical Geology
Aasta: 2021 | Köide: 576 | Leheküljed: 120256 | artikkel ajakirjas
Decoupling δ13Ccarb and δ13Corg at the onset of the Ireviken Carbon Isotope Excursion: Δ13C and organic carbon burial (forg) during a Silurian oceanic anoxic event
Hartke, E. R., Cramer, B. D., Calner, M., Melchin, M. J., Barnett, B. A., Oborny, S. C., Bancroft, A. M.
Global and Planetary Change
Aasta: 2021 | Köide: 196 | Leheküljed: 103373 | artikkel ajakirjas
The stratigraphic and geochemical imprints of Late Ordovician glaciation on far-field neritic carbonates, Anticosti Island, eastern Canada
Mauviel, A., Sinnesael, M., Desrochers, A.
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology
Aasta: 2020 | Köide: 543 | Leheküljed: 109579 | artikkel ajakirjas
A sequential record of the Llandovery δ13Ccarb excursions paired with time-specific facies: Anticosti Island, eastern Canada
Braun, M. G., Daoust, P., Desrochers, A.
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology
Aasta: 2021 | Köide: 578 | Leheküljed: 110566 | artikkel ajakirjas
Latest Ordovician jawed polychaetes, chitinozoans and depositional environments of the Levín section, Prague Basin, Czech Republic
Tonarová, P., Vodrážková, S., Hints, O., Nõlvak, J., Kubajko, M., Čáp, P.
Aasta: 2023 | Köide: 81 | Leheküljed: 179-198 | artikkel ajakirjas
Upper Ordovician chitinozoans from the historical type area in the UK
Vandenbroucke, T. R. A.
Palaeontological Society Monograph 628
Aasta: 2008 | Köide: 161 | Leheküljed: 1-113
Chitinozoan bio- and lithostratigraphical study of the Ashgill Fosses and Génicot Formations (Condroz Inlier, Belgium)
Vanmeirhaeghe, J., Verniers, J.
Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology
Aasta: 2004 | Köide: 130 | Leheküljed: 241-267 | artikkel ajakirjas
The end-Ordovician chitinozoan zones of Anticosti Island, Québec: Definition and stratigraphic position
Achab, A., Asselin, E., Desrochers, A., Riva, J. F.
Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology
Aasta: 2013 | Köide: 198 | Leheküljed: 92-109 | artikkel ajakirjas
Carbon isotope chemostratigraphy and sea-level history of the Hirnantian Stage (uppermost Ordovician) in the Oslo–Asker district, Norway
Calner, M., Bockelie, J. F., Rasmussen, C. M., Calner, H., Lehnert, O., Joachimski, M. M.
Geological Magazine
Aasta: 2021 | Köide: 158 | Leheküljed: 1977-2008 | artikkel ajakirjas
Distribution of Ordovician ostracods
Meidla, T.
Estonian Geological Sections Bulletin
Ruhnu (500) drill core
Aasta: 2003 | Köide: 5 | Leheküljed: 25-28 | artikkel ajakirjas
Distribution of ostracodes
Meidla, T.
Estonian Geological Sections Bulletin
Valga (10) Drill Core
Aasta: 2001 | Köide: 3 | Leheküljed: 14-16 | artikkel kogumikus
Pirgu Stage in the East Baltic: lithotypes, biozonation and problems of correlation
Hints, L., Oraspõld, A., Nõlvak, J.
WOGOGOB-2004 Conference Materials. Abstracts and Field Guidebook
Aasta: 2004 | Leheküljed: 41-42 | abstrakt
Chitinozoan biostratigraphy and carbon isotope stratigraphy from the Upper Ordovician Skogerholmen Formation in the Oslo Region. A new perspective for the Hirnantian lower boundary in Baltica
Amberg, C. E. A., Vandenbroucke, T. R. A., Nielsen, A. T., Munnecke, A., McLaughlin, P. I.
Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology
Aasta: 2017 | Köide: 246 | Leheküljed: 109-119 | artikkel ajakirjas
Ordovizische Ostrakoden und Seeigel der Kamischen Alpen und ihre Beziehungen zu Böhmen und Baltoskandien
Schallreuter, R.
Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie Monatshefte
Aasta: 1990 | Köide: 1990 | Leheküljed: 120-128 | artikkel ajakirjas
A Hirnantian deep-water refuge for warm-water ostracods in Baltoscandia
Truuver, K., Meidla, T.
Geological Quarterly
Aasta: 2015 | Köide: 59 | Leheküljed: 738-749 | artikkel ajakirjas
A summary and revision of the East Baltic Silurian chitinozoan biozonation
Nestor, V.
Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences
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Late Ordovician - Early Silurian succession of paleoecosystems in Estonia
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Paleontological Journal
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Latest Ordovician ostracodes of Baltoscandia
Meidla, T.
Danmarks Geologiske Undersøgelse
WOGOGOB-94. Symposium. Working Group of Ordovician geology of Baltoscandia, Bornholm-94. Ed: Stouge, S.
Aasta: 1996 | Leheküljed: 63-68 | artikkel ajakirjas
Chitinozoan biozonation of the Ordovician succession in the borehole Ketrzyn IG 1 (NE Poland)
Modliński, Z., Nõlvak, J., Szymanski, B.
Przegląd Geologiczny
Aasta: 2002 | Köide: 50 | Leheküljed: 1149-1158 | artikkel ajakirjas
Paris, F., Achab, A., Asselin, E., Chen, X.-H., Grahn, Y., Nõlvak, J., Obut, O., Samuelsson, J., Sennikov, N., Vecoli, M., Verniers, J., Wang, X.-F., Winchester-Seeto, T.
The Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event
Aasta: 2004 | Leheküljed: 294-311 | artikkel kogumikus
High-resolution stable isotope stratigraphy of Upper Ordovician sequences: Constraints on the timing of bioevents and environmental changes associated with mass extinction and glaciation
Brenchley, P. J., Carden, G. A., Hints, L., Kaljo, D., Marshall, J. D., Martma, T., Meidla, T., Nõlvak, J.
Geological Society of America Bulletin
Aasta: 2003 | Köide: 115 | Leheküljed: 89-104 | artikkel ajakirjas
New isotopic data solving an old biostratigraphic problem: the age of the upper Ordovician brachiopod Holorhynchus giganteus
Brenchley, P. J., Marshall, J. D., Hints, L., Nõlvak, J.
Journal of the Geological Society
Aasta: 1997 | Köide: 154 | Leheküljed: 335-342 | artikkel ajakirjas
Ordovik Latvii
Ulst, R., Gailite, L., Yakovleva, V.
Aasta: 1982 | Leheküljed: 1-294 | raamat (tervik)
Ostracods from the Upper Ordovician Borenshult fauna, Sweden
Meidla, T.
Aasta: 2007 | Köide: 129 | Leheküljed: 123-132 | artikkel ajakirjas
A global Chitinozoa biozonation for the Silurian
Verniers, J., Nestor, V., Paris, F., Dufka, P., Sutherland, S., Van Grootel, G.
Geological Magazine
Aasta: 1995 | Köide: 132 | Leheküljed: 651-666 | artikkel ajakirjas
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