241 tulemust
Shadows of the past: An Ediacara-style taphonomic window in advent of Cambrian bioturbators
Kolesnikov, A. V., Marusin, V. V., Rud'ko, S. V., Pokrovsky, B. G.
Precambrian Research
Aasta: 2023 | Köide: 399 | Leheküljed: 107238 | artikkel ajakirjas
Exploring late Pleistocene bioturbation on Yermak Plateau to assess sea-ice conditions and primary productivity through the Ethological Ichno Quotient
Singh, A., O’Regan, M., Coxall, H. K., Forwick, M., Löwemark, L.
Scientific Reports
Aasta: 2023 | Köide: 13 | artikkel ajakirjas
“Hypoxic” Silurian oceans suggest early animals thrived in a low-O2 world
Haxen, E. R., Schovsbo, N. H., Nielsen, A. T., Richoz, S., Loydell, D. K., Posth, N. R., Canfield, D. E., Hammarlund, E. U.
Earth and Planetary Science Letters
Aasta: 2023 | Köide: 622 | Leheküljed: 118416 | artikkel ajakirjas
Bizarre Lepeichnus giberti: an additional ichnogenetic stage
Muñiz, F., Belaústegui, Z., Mángano, M, G., Buatois, L. A., Martín, M., Neto de Carvalho, C.
4th Palaeontological Virtual Congress
Aasta: 2023 | Leheküljed: 313-313 | abstrakt
Marine bioturbation collapse during Early Jurassic deoxygenation: implications for post-extinction marine ecosystem functioning
Caswell, B. A., Herringshaw, L.
Geological Society, London, Special Publications
Aasta: 2023 | Köide: 529 | Leheküljed: 311-344 | artikkel ajakirjas
Departures from the archetypal deltaic ichnofacies
MacEachern, J. A., Bann, K. L.
Geological Society, London, Special Publications
The ichnology of shallow-marine and transitional environments
Aasta: 2023 | Köide: 522 | Leheküljed: 175-213 | artikkel ajakirjas
Ediacaran–Cambrian bioturbation did not extensively oxygenate sediments in shallow marine ecosystems
Cribb, A. T., van de Velde, S. J., Berelson, W. M., Bottjer, D. J., Corsetti, F. A.
Aasta: 2023 | Köide: 21 | Leheküljed: 435-453 | artikkel ajakirjas
Abundant and diverse early Paleozoic infauna indicated by the stratigraphic record
Miller, M. F., Byers, C. W.
Aasta: 1984 | Köide: 12 | Leheküljed: 40 | artikkel ajakirjas
Bioturbation of a Late Oligocene regressive series (Wind Brickyard, Eger, Hungary)
Árpád, D., Marton, E., Fodor, R.
Abstract Book of the XI International Ichnofabric Workshop
Aasta: 2011 | Leheküljed: 11-12 | abstrakt
The oldest evidence of bioturbation on Earth: COMMENT
Vintaned, J. G., Zhuravlev, A.
Aasta: 2013 | Köide: 41 | Leheküljed: e299-e299 | artikkel ajakirjas
Early Palaeozoic ocean anoxia and global warming driven by the evolution of shallow burrowing
van de Velde, S., Mills, B. J. W., Meysman, F. J. R., Lenton, T. M., Poulton, S. W.
Nature Communications
Aasta: 2018 | Köide: 9 | artikkel ajakirjas
Sediment bioturbation by polychaete feeding may promote sediment stability
Palomo, G., Iribarne, O.
Bulletin of Marine Sciences
Aasta: 2000 | Köide: 67 | Leheküljed: 249-257 | artikkel ajakirjas
A Brief Overview of the Diversity and Patterns in Bioturbation Preserved in the Cambrian–Ordovician Carbonate and Siliciclastic Deposits of Laurentia
Hasiotis, S. T.
AAPG Memoir
The great American carbonate bank: The geology and economic resources of the Cambrian – Ordovician Sauk megasequence of Laurentia
Aasta: 2012 | Köide: 98 | Leheküljed: 113-125 | artikkel kogumikus
Bioturbating animals control the mobility of redox-sensitive trace elements in organic-rich mudstone
Harazim, D., McIlroy, D., Edwards, N. P., Wogelius, R. A., Manning, P. L., Poduska, K. M., Layne, G. D., Sokaras, D., Alonso-Mori, R., Bergmann, U.
Aasta: 2015 | Köide: 43 | Leheküljed: 1007-1010 | artikkel ajakirjas
Bioturbation in Burgess Shale-type Lagerstätten — Case study of trace fossil–body fossil association from the Kaili Biota (Cambrian Series 3), Guizhou, China
Lin, J., Zhao, Y., Rahman, I. A., Xiao, S., Wang, Y.
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology
Aasta: 2010 | Köide: 292 | Leheküljed: 245-256 | artikkel ajakirjas
Species-specific effects of two bioturbating polychaetes on sediment chemoautotrophic bacteria
Vasquez-Cardenas, D., Quintana, C., Meysman, F., Kristensen, E., Boschker, H.
Marine Ecology Progress Series
Aasta: 2016 | Köide: 549 | Leheküljed: 55-68 | artikkel ajakirjas
What is bioturbation? The need for a precise definition for fauna in aquatic sciences
Kristensen, E., Penha-Lopes, G., Delefosse, M., Valdemarsen, T., Quintana, C., Banta, G.
Marine Ecology Progress Series
Aasta: 2012 | Köide: 446 | Leheküljed: 285-302 | artikkel ajakirjas
The influence of bioturbation on reservoir quality: Insights from the Columbus Basin, offshore Trinidad
Ali, S., Gingras, M. K., Wilson, B., Winter, R., Gunness, T., Wells, M.
Marine and Petroleum Geology
Aasta: 2023 | Köide: 147 | Leheküljed: 105983 | artikkel ajakirjas
Assessing the impact of bioturbation on sedimentary isotopic records through numerical models
Hülse, D., Vervoort, P., van de Velde, S. J., Kanzaki, Y., Boudreau, B., Arndt, S., Bottjer, D. J., Hoogakker, B., Kuderer, M., Middelburg, J. J., Volkenborn, N., Kirtland Turner, S., Ridgwell, A.
Earth-Science Reviews
Aasta: 2022 | Köide: 234 | Leheküljed: 104213 | artikkel ajakirjas
Cyclaster danicus, a shallow burrowing non-marsupiate echinoid
Asgaard, U.
Aasta: 1976 | Köide: 9 | Leheküljed: 363–375 | artikkel ajakirjas
A preliminary study of sipunculan burrows in rock thin sections
Rice, M. E., McIntyre, I. G.
Caribbean Journal of Science
Aasta: 1972 | Köide: 12 | Leheküljed: 41-44 | artikkel ajakirjas
Substrate lithification in early Cambrian carbonates triggered by intense bioturbation
Hu, Y., Topper. T. P., Strotz, L. C., Knaust, D., Liang, Y., Fu, R., Zhang, Z.
21st International Sedimentological Congress (Beijing 2022)
Aasta: 2022 | Leheküljed: 585-585 | abstrakt
Pore throat characterization of bioturbated heterogeneous sandstone, Bhuj Formation, Kachchh India: An integrated analysis using NMR and HPMI studies
Singh, A., Jha, N. K., Mandal, P. P., Esteban, L., Desai, B. G.
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering
Aasta: 2022 | Köide: 211 | Leheküljed: 110221 | artikkel ajakirjas
Potential and problems in evaluating secular changes in diversity of animal‐substrate interactions at ichnospecies rank
Zhang, L., Buatois, L. A., Mángano, M. G.
Terra Nova
Aasta: 2022 | artikkel ajakirjas
Bioturbation enhanced petrophysical properties in the Ordovician carbonate reservoir of the Tahe oilfield, Tarim Basin, NW China
Niu, Y,-B., Cheng, M.-Y., Zhang, L.-J., Zjong, J.-H-. Liu. S.-X., Xu, Zi.-L., Wang, P.-J.
Journal of Palaeogeography
Aasta: 2021 | Köide: 11 | Leheküljed: 31-51 | artikkel ajakirjas
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