304 tulemust
The Neogastropoda: Evolutionary Innovations of Predatory Marine Snails with Remarkable Pharmacological Potential
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Evolutionary Biology – Concepts, Molecular and Morphological Evolution
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Past Environments of Mexico
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Tubule system of earliest shells as a defense against increasing microbial attacks
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Lunds Universitets årsskrift
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Palaeoecology of some mollusca from the Tielrode sands (Pliocene, Belgium)
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Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology
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Chemotaxis of oyster drills Urosalpinx cinera to competing prey odor
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Historical Biology
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Paleoecological, Evolutionary and Taphonomic Effects of Seawater Chemistry in Paleozoic and Mesozoic Calcite Seas
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The Paleontological Society Special Publications
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Carnets de Géologie
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Molluscan live-dead fidelity of a storm-dominated shallow-marine setting and its implications
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Earth Surface Processes and Landforms
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First records and adaptive significance of boring into a free-living scleractinian coral (Heteropsammia michelini) by a date mussel (Lithophaga lessepsiana)
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Ichnology of Latin America
Aasta: 2012 | Leheküljed: 159-177 | artikkel kogumikus
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