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Middle to late Telychian (Silurian: Llandovery) graptolite assemblages of central Wales
Zalasiewicz, J,
Aasta: 1994 | Köide: 37 | Leheküljed: 375 – 396 | artikkel ajakirjas
Aeronian (Silurian: Llandovery) graptolites from central Wales
Zalasiewicz, J.
Geologica et Palaeontologica
Aasta: 1993 | Köide: 30 | Leheküljed: 1-14 | artikkel ajakirjas
New chitinozoans from the historical type area of the Hirnantian Stage and additional key sections in the Wye Valley, Wales, UK
Vandenbroucke, T. R. A., Hennissen, J., Zalasiewicz, J. A., Verniers, J.
Geological Journal
Aasta: 2008 | Köide: 43 | Leheküljed: 397-414 | artikkel ajakirjas
Survival of Burgess Shale-type animals in a Middle Ordovician deep-water setting
Hearing, T. W., Legg, D. A., Botting, J. P., Muir, L. A., McDermott, P., Faulkner, S., Taylor, A. C., Brasier, M. D.
Journal of the Geological Society
Aasta: 2016 | Köide: 173 | Leheküljed: 628-633 | artikkel ajakirjas
Die Trilobitengattung Cnemidopyge aus Geschieben des Ludibundus-Kalkes
Krueger, H.-H.
Archiv für Geschiebekunde
Aasta: 1997 | Köide: 2 | Leheküljed: 147-156 | artikkel ajakirjas
Review of the stratigraphy of the Wenlock Series in the Welsh Borderland and South Wales
Bassett, M. G.
Aasta: 1974 | Köide: 17 | Leheküljed: 745-777 | artikkel ajakirjas
Stratigraphy and structure of the Winsle Inlier, south-west Dyfed, Wales
Allen, J., Bassett, M., Hancock, P., Walmsley, V., Williams, B.
Proceedings of the Geologists Association
Aasta: 1976 | Köide: 87 | Leheküljed: 221-229 | artikkel ajakirjas
Ozarkodina remscheidensis plexus conodonts from the upper Ludlow (Silurian) of the Welsh Borderland and Wales
Miller, C. G., Aldridge, R. J.
Journal of Micropalaeontology
Aasta: 1997 | Köide: 16 | Leheküljed: 41-49 | artikkel ajakirjas
Early Palaeozoic sedimentation and tectonics in Wales
Woodcock, N.
Proceedings of the Geologists Association
Aasta: 1984 | Köide: 95 | Leheküljed: 323-335 | artikkel ajakirjas
British regional Geology: Wales
Howells, M. F.
Aasta: 2007 | Leheküljed: 1 - 230 | raamat (tervik)
British regional Geology: The Welsh Borderland (third edition)
Earp, J. R., Hains, B. A.
Aasta: 1971 | Leheküljed: 1 - 118 | raamat (tervik)
The growth of Cambrian and Liassic concretions
Raiswell, R.
Aasta: 1971 | Köide: 17 | Leheküljed: 147-171 | artikkel ajakirjas
Terrestrial trace fossils from the Lower Old Red Sandstone, southwest Wales
Morrissey, L. B., Braddy, S. J.
Geological Journal
Aasta: 2004 | Köide: 39 | Leheküljed: 315-336 | artikkel ajakirjas
Llandovery brachiopods from Wales with special reference to the Llandovery district
Williams, A.
The Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London
Aasta: 1951 | Köide: 107 | Leheküljed: 85-136 | artikkel ajakirjas
Silurian thelodonts from the Welsh Borderland and co-occurrence with conodonts
Märss, T., Miller, C. G.
Palaeontological Association Newsletter
Aasta: 2002 | Köide: 51 | Leheküljed: 132-132 | abstrakt
Thelodonts and distribution of associated conodonts from the Llandovery-lowermost Lochkovian of the Welsh Borderland
Märss, T., Miller, C. G.
The Fifth Baltic Stratigraphical Conference
Aasta: 2002 | Leheküljed: 120-121 | abstrakt
Chitinozoan biostratigraphy of the Rheidol Gorge Section, Central Wales, UK: a GSSP replacement candidate for the Rhuddanian–Aeronian boundary
De Weirdt, J., Vandenbroucke, T. R. A., Cocq, J., Russell, C., Davies, J. R., Melchin, M., Zalasiewicz, J.
Papers in Palaeontology
Aasta: 2019 | Köide: 6 | Leheküljed: 173-192 | artikkel ajakirjas
A refined graptolite biostratigraphy for the late Ordovician-early Silurian of central Wales
Blackett, E., Page, A., Zalasiewicz, J., Williams, M., Rickards, B., Davies, J.
Aasta: 2009 | Köide: 42 | Leheküljed: 83-96 | artikkel ajakirjas
Katian (Upper Ordovician) conodonts from Wales
Ferretti, A., Bergström, S. M., Barnes, C.
Aasta: 2014 | Köide: 57 | Leheküljed: 801-831 | artikkel ajakirjas
Upper Aeronian and Lower Telychian (Llandovery) Graptolites from Western Mid-Wales
Loydell, D. K.
Monographs of the Palaeontographical Society
Aasta: 1993 | Köide: 147 | Leheküljed: 55-164 | artikkel ajakirjas
Arthropod trackways from the Early Devonian of South Wales: A functional analysis of producers and their behaviour
Smith, A., Braddy, S. J., Marriott, S. B., Briggs, D. E. G.
Geological Magazine
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The Telychian (Upper Llandovery) stratigraphy of the Buttington Brick Pit, Wales
Loydell, D. K., Cave, D.
Newsletters on Stratigraphy
Aasta: 1993 | Köide: 29 | Leheküljed: 91-103 | artikkel ajakirjas
Integrated Lower Silurian chitinozoan and graptolite biostratigraphy of Buttington Brick Pit, Wales
Mullins, G. L., Loydell, D. K.
Geological Magazine
Aasta: 2002 | Köide: 139 | Leheküljed: 89-96 | artikkel ajakirjas
The Llandovery-Wenlock boundary and related stratigraphy in eastern mid Wales with special reference to the Banwy River section
Loydell, D. K., Cave, D.
Newsletters on Stratigraphy
Aasta: 1996 | Köide: 34 | Leheküljed: 39-64 | artikkel ajakirjas
Integrated Silurian Chitinozoan and Graptolite Biostratigraphy of the Banwy River Section, Wales
Mullins, G. L., Loydell, D. K.
Aasta: 2001 | Köide: 44 | Leheküljed: 731-781 | artikkel ajakirjas
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