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Bekker, 1921a

The Kuckers stage of the Ordovician Rocks in NE Estonia

Bekker, H.
AjakiriActa et Commentationes Universitatis Tartuensis
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The Kuckers stage (C2) near the village of Järve in Estonia now affords favourable opportunities for fossil-collecting, such as have never before existed, in the large Järve (or Kohtla-Järve) quarry (500 m. long and 250 m. wide) worked for fuel purposes, in the quarries of Vanamõisa near Kunda, and the village of Kukruse, and in the diggings near the Jõhvi estate. The fauna of this stage is so abundant and frequently so well preserved that it is well worth detailed study. Only a few classes have been entirely described: the Bryozoa by Bassler, the Ostracods by Bonnema, the Trilobites by F. Schmidt, and the Gastropods by Koken. [ have been enabled to make a detailed study of the bryozoa and brachiopoda, the former specially from the „kuckersite" beds, at first in the Geological Institution of the University of Tartu between October and December 1919 and later in the Geological Department of the Imperial College of Science and Technology in London, where I worked from January to July 1920. In September I collected further new material from the quarries of Vanamõisa, Järve, Jõhvi and near Tallinn (Reval), which I worked out partly in the Geological Institution of the University of Tartu and partly afterwards in the Imperial College. I owe my best t hanks to Prof. W. W. Watts, and Dr. A. Morley-Davies of the Imperial College, to Prof. J. G. Granö, Tartu, to the University Council of Tartu (Dorpat), who enabled me as a stipendiate of it to carry out the research wrork in the Imperial College, to the officers of the Geological Department of the British Museum, to the Librarians of the Geological Society, the British Museum (Geol. Depart.) and the Science Library, to the Estonian Legation in London, to eng. F. Rosenberg, Director of the quarry of Järve, to the officers of the „oil shale" Department in Tallinn (Reval), and to the Librarians of the Natural History Society in Tartu and the Provincial Museum in Tallinn. 

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