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McKinney & Wyse Jackson, 2010

The tangled core at the heart of the bryozoan suborder Phylloporinina

McKinney, F. K., Wyse Jackson, P. N.
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The family Phylloporinidae was introduced in the late 19th century to accommodate a small number of Palaeozoic bryozoan genera characterized by irregularly fenestrated colonies generated by anastomosis of unilaminate branches. Among the first named of these genera were Chasmatopora Eichwald, 1855 and Phylloporina Ulrich in Foerste, 1887. The two names have been variously in fashion, and there has been confusion about whether they are subjective synonyms or are distinct genera. This taxonomic confusion has been due in large part to whether the single species (Retepora angulata Hall, 1847) assigned to Phylloporina in Foerste (1887) or the species that Ulrich intended (Retepora trentonensis Nicholson, 1875) is the type species and also because of lack of sufficient information about Foerste’s material to characterize it well. We here redescribe the pertinent species, erect the new species Chasmatopora foerstei for the species that Foerste incorrectly assigned to Phylloporina angulata (Hall), and suggest that Retepora trentonensis Nicholson be retained as type species of Phylloporina based on prevailing usage, until the issue is settled by the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature.

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