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Löfgren, 2004

The conodont fauna in the Middle Ordovician Eoplacognathus pseudoplanus Zone of Baltoscandia

Löfgren, A.
AjakiriGeological Magazine
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Conodont faunas from the Eoplacognathus pseudoplanus Zone in five main areas of Middle Ordovician rocks in Sweden are described and discussed and compared with faunas of comparable age from neighbouring areas. The investigation is based on 118 samples which together yielded 175 114 conodont elements. The Swedish conodont faunas are intermediate between shallower-water faunas from the eastern part of Baltica and deeper-water faunas towards the west. Correlation with the Yangtze platform of south-central China is fairly easy, and the occurrence of key taxa, such as Histiodella, makes it also possible to correlate some levels with Laurentia. Although faunal lists for the Swedish localities are almost identical, the conodont taxa have their relative abundance maxima in separate areas: species of Protopanderodus and Periodon are most common in deeper-water settings, Eoplacognathus, Baltoniodus and Microzarkodina characterize intermediate areas, and Semiacontiodus is typical of shallow subtidal environments.

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