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Hints, L. & Harper, 2003

Review of the Ordovician rhynchonelliformean Brachiopoda of the East Baltic: their distribution and biofacies

Hints, L., Harper, D. A. T.
AjakiriBulletin of the Geological Society of Denmark
Kuulub kogumikkuHarper & Stouge, 2003 (eds)
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Analyses of the distribution, in time and space, of approximately 300 Ordovician rhynchonelliformean brachiopods in the East Baltic allow the development of a faunal template for the Baltic Province (sensu stricto) within the context of the European Realm. Two different brachiopod magnafacies, the upper and lower ramp associations, are monitored through time. Changes in the brachiopod fauna through uppermost Hunneberg to the Porkuni stages are demonstrated from different drill core sections and some bedrock exposures located in facially contrasting areas across the region. The main developmental trends within the brachiopod biofacies of the shallower part of the palaeobasin (North Estonian facies belt) are characterized by relatively continuous changes in taxonomic composition including the evolution of endemics and the establishment of relatively persistent associations, especially during the later Ordovician. In the deeper parts of the palaeoba- sin (Central Baltoscandian confacies belt including the Livonian Tongue) the several different types, clearly determined by changes in environment, occur: Relatively low diversity associations in the red-coloured sediments, a well-defined assemblage associated with black shales and more diverse associations in the argillaceous carbonate deposits. The appearance and distribution of some short- lived associations including immigrants to the Baltic (Dactylogonia and Rhynchotrema during the Keila-Oandu event, the Holorhynchus association during the mid-Ashgill and the Hirnantia fauna during the late Ashgill) are probably associated with climatic and sea-level changes in the palaeo- basin.

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