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Bekker, 1922a

A New Brachiopod (Leptestia) from the Kuckers Stage in Estonia

Bekker, H.
AjakiriGeological Magazine
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Among the Brachiopoda described in my recent memoir on the Kuckers stage of north-east Estonia, there was an undetermined member of the Strophomenacea, of which the interior of the dorsal valve was unknown. I have since found a dorsal valve with its exterior (concave) outwards, embedded in kuckersite. By filling the concavity with plaster of Paris the shell could be easily removed from the kuckersite. A complete description can now, therefore, be given. Since my return to Estonia I have found additional examples of the same species and of another species of the same genus amoug the collections of the Tartu (Dorpat) Museum, which were removed into Russia during the war, and have now been returned.

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