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Ospanova, 2012a

Taxonomical problems of the Heliolitida

Ospanova, N. K.
AjakiriGeologica Belgica
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Systematic position of group is accepted by the beginning scientist after the teacher or after the leader in the field of studying of this group of corals. But the lowest categories (species and genera) are established by him, first of all, on a regional material. Long-term study of heliolitids of Central Tajikistan and their comparison with heliolitids from other regions shows faunistical peculiarity of each region. Ambiguity of treatment of the same morphological features as a result takes place. The situation becomes complicated by parallelism of development between some taxa of the Heliolitida and wide variability of features of many species. Standardization of arrangement of coenenchyme because of parallelism of development results in occurrence of forms with a similar structure, but with a different genetic basis. So we can tell now that the main problem in definition of taxa of the Heliolitida is the heterogeneous genus Heliolites.

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