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Bassett & Cocks, 1974

A review of Silurian brachiopods from Gotland

Bassett, M. G., Cocks, L. R. M.
AjakiriFossils and Strata
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The Silurian articulate brachiopods of Gotland, Sweden, are reviewed, and the many species described since the late eighteenth century are assigned where necessary to more appropriate genera; many of the available specific names are synonymised. Lectotypes are selected for a large number of the species, and many are figured, particularly those from collections described originally by Hisinger, Dalman, de Verneuil, and Lindström which have been rediscovered recently. A neotype for Conchidium biloculare (Hisinger ) is also selected. The following new taxa are described: Valdaria testudo gen. et sp. nov., Hesperorthis martinssoni sp. nov., and Spinatrypina tubulosa sp. nov., while the poorly known species Hesperorthis gotlandiea (Schuchert & Cooper ), Megastrophia walmstedti (Lindström), Morinorhynchus crispus (Lindström), Morinorhynchus adnatus (Hedström) and Eocoelia angelini (Lindström) are redescribed fully. Several longstanding bibliographical problems are discussed. A short stratigraphical review includes the new record of riccartonensis Zone graptolites from the Högklint Beds. 

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