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Moloshnikov, 2022

Middle Devonian coccosteid placoderms from the Voronezh region (Givetian of the Pavlovsk quarry) by materials in the collection of Earth Science Museum

Moloshnikov, S. V.
AjakiriZhizn' Zemli
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Remains of coccosteid placoderm fishes (Placodermi: Euarthrodira: Coccosteidae) from the Ardatovka Beds (Givetian, Middle Devonian) of the Pavlovsk Quarry, Voronezh Region
(the territory of the Central Devonian field) are briefly described. This material is currently stored at the Earth Science Museum of Moscow State University. Only disparate data on
coccosteids and their close relatives (determinations at a level of high taxa), known from this territory, appeared in the literature to date. Bones and their fragments of the trunk armour
are mainly presented in the collection. Only one fragment of the nuchal (occipital) bone of the head armour is exhibited. The coccosteid bones from Middle Devonian of the Pavlovsk
Quarry are morphologically closer to plates of Livosteus (Gross), known from the Givetian of the Main Devonian field; but there are some differences, such as a ventral sensory groove on
the anterior medio-ventral bone, a slightly developed posterior lateral corner of the posterior ventro-lateral and others. These remains are preliminary identified as Livosteus aff. L. grandis
(Gross). These new materials supplement the data on the morphology and distribution of coccosteids from the East European platform.

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