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Høyberget et al., 2023

The Skyberg Lagerstätte from the Mjøsa area, Norway: a rare window into the late early Cambrian biodiversityof Scandinavia

Høyberget, M., Ebbestad, J. O. R., Funke, B., Funke, M. K., Nakrem, H. A.
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The Skyberg Biota is a new early Cambrian Konservat-Lagerstätte, documented from a 7.5-m-thick succession of the Skyberg Member, Ringstranda Formation, in the classical Mjøsa area of Norway. It displays a high species diversity and contains: algae; sponges; brachiopods; hyoliths; bivalved arthropods; trilobites; palaeoscolecids and other vermiform organisms; weakly sclerotized fragments of unknown affinity; several tubicolous fossils; the enigmatic genus Lapworthella; and a number of additional problematica together with infrequent trace fossils consisting of burrows and faecal pellets. This novel macro-biota encloses the most diverse fossil assemblage known from the Cambrian Series 2 locally in the Mjøsa area, and regionally in Baltoscandia, and currently includes around 50 species of 10 major animal groups and macro-algae. The Skyberg Biota contains taxa previously unknown from Norway, several are new to Baltoscandia and also includes a range of new species. The Skyberg biota offers a rare glimpse into the biodiversity of Baltoscandia just prior to the large faunal turnover at the late–middle Cambrian transition.

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