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Bruton, 1967a

Silurian odontopleurid trilobites from Sweden, Estonia, and Latvia

Bruton, D. L.
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All of the presently known Silurian odontopleurid material from Sweden has been revised along with recently collected material from Estonia and Latvia. For the first time photographs are given of the holotypes of Odontopleura ovata Emmrich and Leonaspis mutica (Ernmrich). Examination of the latter shows that it is specifically distinct from the Swedish species L. marklini (Angelin) and the British species L. coronata (Salter). Addaspis hughesi Lake is considered to be a synonym of O. ovata. The new genus Anacaenaspis (type species A. gotlandensis gen. et sp. nov.) is established for specimens which differ from Addaspis Murchison in lacking the stout occipital spine. The holotype of 'Addaspis' emarginata Schmidt is refigured and has been assigned to Anacaenaspis. Newly described are two species of Leonaspis, L. varbolensis from the lowermost Llandovery of Estonia and Latvia, and L. muldensis from the uppermost Wenlock of Gotland. A previous record of the Bohemian species Miraspis mira (Barrande) in the Silurian of Scania has not been confirmed and it appears, likely that all the material belongs to M. cardiolarum (Hede). Many of the specimens have been illustrated with the aid of stereoscopic photographs.


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