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Loydell et al., 2003

Integrated biostratigraphy of the lower Silurian of the Aizpute-41 core, Latvia

Loydell, D. K., Männik, P., Nestor, V.
AjakiriGeological Magazine
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Integrated graptolite, conodont and chitinozoan biostratigraphical data is presented from the Rhuddanian through to lower Sheinwoodian of the Aizpute-41 core, Latvia. Correlation of the biozonation schemes based upon the three groups is achieved from the cyphus through to lowermost riccartonensis graptolite biozones, except for the upper Aeronian and lower Telychian, which lack both chitinozoans and graptolites, and upper lapworthi through to approximately base murchisoni graptolite Biozone, where there is interpreted to be an unconformity. Datum 2 of the Ireviken Event is correlated with a level at the base of or within the murchisoni Biozone. It is possible that the changes in conodont assemblages at Datum 2 on Gotland are the result of an unconformity here. Streptograptus? kaljoi sp. nov., from the lower spiralis graptolite Biozone, is described.

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