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Isakar & Peel, 2007

Lower Cambriam helcionelloid molluscs from Estonia

Isakar, M., Peel, J. S.
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Pleurotomaria? kunda Öpik, 1926 was correctly referred to the genus Aldanella Vostokova, 1962 more than 30 years ago, although its affinities are still debated. It has been described by several authors as a gastropod on account of its helically coiled shell but it is here referred to the Class Helcionelloida, a group of Cambrian–Ordovician untorted molluscs which are usually bilaterally symmetrical. A subsutural, spiral muscle scar trace on the internal mould is described, as is a possible attachment area on the umbilical shoulder. Impressions of a prismatic shell structure are present in the apical region. In the lower Cambrian (proposed Cambrian Series 1) Kestla Member of the Lontova Formation, Aldanella kunda occurs together with Anabarella Vostokova, 1962, another helcionelloid that is also characteristic of Cambrian Series 1 in Siberia. Scenella(?) discinoides Schmidt, 1888 from the slightly younger Tiskre Formation (Cambrian Series 2) was originally assigned to a genus widely interpreted as a mollusc, but this species has been re-interpreted recently as a possible stem group brachiopod.

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