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Männik, 2007b

An updated Telychian (Late Llandovery, Silurian) conodont zonation based on Baltic faunas

Männik, P.
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Five conodont zones, Pterospathodus eopennatus ssp. n. 1, P. eopennatus ssp. n. 2, P. amorphognathoides angulatus, P. a. lennarti and P. a. lithuanicus, are described in the interval previously known as the P. celloni Zone. The new zones are grouped into two superzones: the first two form the P. eopennatus Superzone and the other three the P. celloni Superzone. All zones correspond to the intervals of the total ranges of the nominal taxa and to the boundaries between the zones to the levels at which one taxon was evolutionally replaced by another. The lower boundary of the P. a. amorphognathoides Zone is redefined. The P. eopennatus ssp. n. 2, P. a. angulatus and P. a. amorphognathoides zones are further subdivided into the Lower and Upper subzones. Although the zones described are mainly based on data from Estonia, they can be recognized all over the world, in most sections containing Telychian strata and from where adequate data are available. Most of the subzones can so far be applied only in a limited area.

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