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Niu et al., 2021

Bioturbation enhanced petrophysical properties in the Ordovician carbonate reservoir of the Tahe oilfield, Tarim Basin, NW China

Niu, Y,-B., Cheng, M.-Y., Zhang, L.-J., Zjong, J.-H-. Liu. S.-X., Xu, Zi.-L., Wang, P.-J.
AjakiriJournal of Palaeogeography
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Bioturbation plays an important role in enhancing the reservoir capacity of tight reservoirs. This study aims to understand the alteration mechanism and effects of bioturbation on oil and gas reservoirs, to clarify the key control factors and constraints influencing the production of bioturbation. The petrophysical characteristics of bioturbation and host sediments in carbonate rocks, such as mineral composition, pore spaces, porosity and permeability, were studied based on the detailed observation and description of the Ordovician cores from the Tahe oilfield. The effect of bioturbation on petrophysical properties of carbonate rocks were carefully analyzed. The results show: (1) Two types of bioturbation, Thalassinoides-like burrows and Planolites-like burrows, mainly occur in the Ordovician cores of the Tahe oilfield, ranging from the LowereMiddle Ordovician Yingshan Formation to the Middle Ordovician Yijianfang Formation. The burrow-fills are mainly composed of dolomite with subhedral and euhedral crystals. The host sediments mainly consist of micrite. (2) The pores in the host sediments are poorly developed and are incapable of forming effective reservoir spaces. However, well-developed intercrystalline pores among dolomites and microfractures in bioturbated sediments with better connectivity can form effective pore spaces. The results of porosity and permeability show that the host sediments without bioturbation are characterized by poor porosity and permeability. However, with the increase of bioturbation intensity, the porosity of the bioturbated sediments

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