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Ndiaye et al., 2023a

Nitrogen and organic carbon isotope record in Tremadocian highly metalliferous black shales from Baltica

Ndiaye, M., Liiv, M., Kallaste, T., Graul, S., Hints, R.
AjakiriEstonian Journal of Earth Sciences
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LitsentsCC BY 4.0
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Tremadocian highly metalliferous black shales and associated grey shales from the Aseri PH012B drill core (NE Estonia) in the innermost part of the Baltic Palaeobasin were targeted to record their nitrogen and organic carbon isotope variance combined with the total organic carbon and total nitrogen record. The obtained molar C/N ratios of black shales from 26 to 52 indicate a considerable loss of N compared to primary biomass. The recorded δ15N values from –2.5 to 0.2‰ likely evolved due to isotopic fractionation related to N2 fixation by primary producers, superimposed by later anoxic ammonium oxidation processes within the uppermost sediments. The high net primary productivity, which controlled the accumulation of organic-rich shallowwater complexes, was fuelled by the internal cycling of P in the sea basin and combined with intensive N exchange between marine and atmospheric pools.

Viimati muudetud: 13.11.2023
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