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Ausich & Donovan, 2023

Glossary of crinoid morphological terms

Ausich, W. I., Donovan, S. K.
RaamatTreatise Online no. 167: Part T, Revised, Volume 1, Chapter 7
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This glossary is a revision of the 1978 Treatise Glossary of Crinoid Morphological Terms (Moore & others, 1978) and includes terms from Hess and Messing (2011). Most changes in terminology from the 1978 Treatise reflect work that stressed morphological terminology definitions that address homology, a necessary step for understanding crinoid phylogeny. Obsolete terms are printed in italic type, and synonyms are noted. Terminology additions and changes since 1978 are given with citations. Although listed in the glossary for completeness, the use of abbreviated names (e.g., primibrach for primibrachial) or letter abbreviations (e.g., adamb for adambulacral plate) is discouraged. Abbreviated terminology can be confusing, and it is a deterrent for new crinoid workers, as crinoids are by necessity a terminology-rich clade.

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