34 tulemust
The pseudofossil Astropoliyhon from the Lower Permian Abo Formation of Socorro County, Central New Mexico
Lerner, A. J., Lucas, S. G.
New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science Bulletin
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A Late Pleistocene Hominin footprint site on the North African Coast of Morocco
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Gastrochaenolites ornatus Kelly and Bromley and other trace fossils on a Middle Miocene omission surface from the Aures Massif, Algeria
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Proceedings of the Geologists Association
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The effects of the final stages of the Late Ordovician glaciation on marine palynomorphs (chitinozoans, acritarchs, leiospheres) in well Nl-2 (NE Algerian Sahara)
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Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology
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Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology
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Phosphannulus on crinoid stems
Welch, J. R.
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Taphonomy and its significant role in palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of the upper Turonian actaeonellid gastropod concentrations of Abu Roash, Western Desert, Egypt
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Crinoid Anal Sac Spines with Multiple Planes of Regeneration: Predation-Generated Features in the Upper Pennsylvanian of Eastern Ohio, USA
Thomka, J. R., Smith, H. K. Brett, C., Eddy, D. B.
Contributions from the Museum of Paleontology, University of Michigan
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Calcareous tube-dwelling encrusting polychaetes from a lower-middle Miocene sedimentary succession, Cairo-Suez District, Egypt
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Bulletin of Geosciences
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The endobiontic serpulids in corals and other reef associated fauna from the Messinian of Algeria
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Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie. Abhandlungen
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Trypanites and associated bivalve borings in an Upper Albian hardground from the Eastern Saharan Atlas (Algeria)
Naimi, M. N., Vinn, O., Cherif, A., Benyoucef, M.
Proceedings of the Geologists Association
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Trace fossil evidence from the Adigrat Sandstone for an Ordovician glaciation in Eritrea, NE Africa
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Journal of African Earth Sciences
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Ichnological record of palaeoenvironment from the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary interval at El Kef, Tunisia: The first study of old and new sections at the stratotype area
Rodríguez-Tovar, F., Uchman, A., M'Hamdi, A., Riahi, S., Ismail-Lattrache, K.
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Ichnostratigraphic correlation of early Paleozoic quartzites in North Africa and central Argentina
Seilacher, A., Cingolani, C., Varela, R.
The geology of northwest Libya, Volume 1
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Elements de datation en faveur d'un age Paleozoique et Mesozoique du bassin de Kandi (Nord-Est du Benin, Afrique de l'Ouest)
Alidou, S., Lang, J., Bonvalot, J., Roman, E., Seilacher, A.
Journal of African Earth Sciences
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Bioerosion in Ostrea lamellosa shells from the Messinian of the Tafna basin (NW Algeria)
Naimi, M. N., Vinn, O., Cherif, A.
Carnets de Géologie
Aasta: 2021 | Köide: 21 | Leheküljed: 127-135 | artikkel ajakirjas
The bivalve Placuna ( Indoplacuna ) miocenica from the Middle Miocene of Siwa Oasis, Western Desert of Egypt: Systematic paleontology, paleoecology, and taphonomic implications
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Journal of African Earth Sciences
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Geology, archaeology and prehistory of the southwestern Fezzan, Libya. 11th Annual Field Conference
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Permian Tetrapod Footprints from Tunisia
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Ichnology of the Upper Cretaceous (Cenomanian–Campanian) sequence of western Sinai, Egypt
El-Hedeny, M.
Egyptian Journal of Paleontology
Aasta: 2007 | Köide: 7 | Leheküljed: 269‒288 | artikkel ajakirjas
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