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X-ray computed tomography in palaeontology

Toom, U.

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The crab Macrophthalmus japonicus burrows on a tidal flat of the Yellow River Delta in China: Their 3D morphological variability in relation to physicochemical conditions and palaeoichnological perspective
Wang, Y., Gou, S., Wang, C., Zhang, G., Uchman, A., Wetzel, A.
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology
Year: 2024 | Volume: 638 | Pages: 112037 | article in journal
New insights into endolithic palaeocommunity development in mobile hard substrate using CT imaging of bioeroded clasts from the Pliocene (Almería, SE Spain)
Łaska, W., Rodríguez-Tovar, F. J., Uchman, A.
The Science of Nature
Year: 2024 | Volume: 111 | article in journal
The tarphyceratid cephalopod Trocholites in the Middle–Upper Ordovician of the Prague Basin—the Baltican element in peri-Gondwana
Aubrechtova, M., Turek, V., Manda, Š.
Acta Palaeontologica Polonica
Year: 2023 | article in journal
Virtual paleontology—an overview
Sutton, M., Rahman, I., Garwood, R.
The Paleontological Society Papers
Year: 2016 | Volume: 22 | Pages: 1-20 | article in journal
Fiji: an open-source platform for biological-image analysis
Schindelin, J., Arganda-Carreras, I., Frise, E., Kaynig, V., Longair, M., Pietzsch, T., Preibisch, S., Rueden, C., Saalfeld, S., Schmid, B., Tinevez, J., White, D. J., Hartenstein, V., Eliceiri, K., Tomancak, P., Cardona, A.
Nature Methods
Year: 2012 | Volume: 9 | Pages: 676-682 | article in journal
Miocene Clypeaster from Valencia (E Spain): Insights into the taphonomy and ichnology of bioeroded echinoids using X-ray micro-tomography
Rahman, I. A., Belaústegui, Z., Zamora, S., Nebelsick, J. H., Domènech, R., Martinell, J.
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology
Year: 2015 | Volume: 438 | Pages: 168-179 | article in journal
Drishti: a volume exploration and presentation tool
Limaye, A.
Year: 2012 | article in journal
3D Slicer as an image computing platform for the Quantitative Imaging Network
Fedorov, A., Beichel, R., Kalpathy-Cramer, J., Finet, J., Fillion-Robin, J., Pujol, S., Bauer, C., Jennings, D., Fennessy, F., Sonka, M., Buatti, J., Aylward, S., Miller, J. V., Pieper, S., Kikinis, R.
Year: 2012 | Volume: 30 | Pages: 1323-1341 | article in journal
CroSSED sequence, a new tool for 3D processing in 988 geosciences using the free software 3DSlicer
Dorador, J., Rodríguez-Tovar, F. J.
Year: 2020 | Volume: 7 | Pages: 270 | article in journal
Comparison of methods: Micro-CT visualization method and epoxy cast-embedding reveal hidden details of bioerosion in the tube walls of Cretaceous polychaete worms
Heřmanová, Z., Kočová Veselská, M., Kočí, T., Jäger, M., Bruthansová, J., Mikuláš, R.
Palaeontologia Electronica
Year: 2023 | article in journal
The jaw apparatuses of Cretaceous Phylloceratina (Ammonoidea)
Tanabe, K., Misaki, A., Landman, N. H., Kato, T.
Year: 2013 | Volume: 46 | Pages: 399-408 | article in journal
Internal conulariid structures unveiled using µCT
Sendino, C., Clark, B., Morandini, A. C., Salge, T., Lowe, M., Rushlau, W.
Paläontologische Zeitschrift
Year: 2023 | Volume: 97 | Pages: 451-467 | article in journal
Enhanced contrast synchrotron X-ray microtomography for describing skeleton-associated soft tissue defects in zebrafish mutants
Leyhr, J., Sanchez, S., Dollman, K. N., Tafforeau, P., Haitina, T.
Year: 2023 | Volume: 14 | article in journal
Bioturbation in Burgess Shale-type Lagerstätten — Case study of trace fossil–body fossil association from the Kaili Biota (Cambrian Series 3), Guizhou, China
Lin, J., Zhao, Y., Rahman, I. A., Xiao, S., Wang, Y.
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology
Year: 2010 | Volume: 292 | Pages: 245-256 | article in journal
Repeated computed tomography scanning reveals morphological development of burrows produced by the tiger pistol shrimp Alpheus bellulus
Umehara, M., Seike, K., Furuyama, S.
Year: 2022 | Volume: 17 | Pages: e0273055 | article in journal
Crinoids for lunch? An unexpected biotic interaction from the Upper Ordovician of Scotland
Donovan, S. K., Sutton, M. D., Sigwart, J. D.
Year: 2010 | Volume: 38 | Pages: 935-938 | article in journal
Enhancement of Scanco micro-CT images of granodiorite rocks using a 3D convolutional neural network super-resolution algorithm
Roslin, A., Lebedev, M., Mitchell, T. R., Onederra, I. A., Leonardi, C. R.
Year: 2022 | article in journal
A standard protocol for documenting modern and fossil ichnological data
Falkingham, P. L., Bates, K. T., Avanzini, M., Bennett, M., Bordy, E. M., Breithaupt, B. H., Castanera, D., Citton, P., Díaz-Martínez, I., Farlow, J. O., Fiorillo, A. R., Gatesy, S. M., Getty, P., Hatala, K. G., Hornung, J. J., Hyatt, J. A., Klein, H., Lallensack, J. N., Martin, A. J., Marty, D., Matthews, N. A., Meyer, C. A., Milàn, J., Minter, N. J., Razzolini, N. L., Romilio, A., Salisbury, S. W., Sciscio, L., Tanaka, I., Wiseman, A. L. A., Xing, L. D., Belvedere, M.
Year: 2018 | Volume: 61 | Pages: 469-480 | article in journal
The Ordovician diversification of sea urchins: systematics of the Bothriocidaroida (Echinodermata: Echinoidea)
Thompson, J. R., Cotton, L. J., Candela, Y., Kutscher, M., Reich, M., Bottjer, D. J.
Journal of Systematic Palaeontology
Year: 2022 | Volume: 19 | Pages: 1395-1448 | article in journal
The discovery of widespread agrichnia traces in Devonian black shales of North America: another chapter in the evolving understanding of a “not so anoxic” ancient sea
Wilson, R. D., Schieber, J., Stewart, C. J.
Paläontologische Zeitschrift
Year: 2021 | Volume: 95 | Pages: 661-681 | article in journal
3D imaging of shark egg cases (Palaeoxyris) from Sweden with new insights into Early Jurassic shark ecology
Krüger, A., Slater, S., Vajda, V.
Year: 2021 | Volume: 143 | Pages: 229-247 | article in journal
X-ray tomographic microscopy as means to systematically track experimental decay and fossilization
Selly, T., Schiffbauer, J. D.
Year: 2021 | Volume: 36 | Pages: 216-224 | article in journal
3D reconstruction and quantification of macropores using X-ray computed tomography and image analysis
Pierret, A., Capowiez, Y., Belzunces, L., Moran, C.
Year: 2002 | Volume: 106 | Pages: 247-271 | article in journal
Earthworm burrow system development assessed by means of X-ray computed tomography
Joschko, M., Müller, P., Kotzke, K., Döhring, W., Larink, O.
Year: 1993 | Volume: 56 | Pages: 209-221 | article in journal
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