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Ichnotaxinomie et notion d’ichnoespèce
Gaillard, C.
Comptes Rendus Palevol
Year: 2011 | Volume: 10 | Pages: 209-218 | article in journal
Ulisse Aldrovandi (1522–1605): The Study of Trace Fossils During the Renaissance
Baucon, A.
Year: 2009 | Volume: 16 | Pages: 245-256 | article in journal
Two episodic changes of trace fossils through the Permian-Triassic transition in the Meishan cores, Zhejiang Province
Zhao, X., Tong, J.
Science in China - Series D: Earth Sciences
Year: 2010 | Volume: 53 | Pages: 1885-1893 | article in journal
A guide to fossiliferous outcrops from the Devonian of Mato Grosso do Sul, Central-West Brazil
Videira-Santos, R., Da Silva, M. B., De Manes, M. I. L., Scheffler, S. M., Da Silva, R. C., Sedorko, D.
Estudos Geológicos
Year: 2023 | Volume: 33 | article in journal
Über Astylospongia Gothlandica sp. n.
Schlüter, C. A.
Verhandlungen des Naturhistorischen Vereines der preussischen Rheinlande und Westfalens
Year: 1884 | Volume: 41 | Pages: 79-80 | article in journal
Petrefactenkunde Deutschlands 5. Korallen (Schwamme)
Quenstedt, F. A.
Year: 1878 | Pages: 1-558 | book
Two Baltic Ordovician chiastoclonellids (Porifera) from the island of Sylt (NW Germany)
van Kempen, T. M. G.
Fossilien von Sylt III
Year: 1990 | Pages: 151-178 | article in book
Some Chazyan sponges
Raymond, P. E., Okulitch, V. J.
Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology. Harvard University Museum of Comparative Zoology
Year: 1940 | Volume: 86 | Pages: 197-214 | article in journal
Anthaspidellid sponges from the Early Paleozoic of Europe and Australia
van Kempen, T. M. G.
Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie. Abhandlungen
Year: 1978 | Volume: 156 | Pages: 305-337 | article in journal
On a new anthaspidellid sponge from the Baltic Early Paleozoic
van Kempen, T. M. G.
Mitteilungen aus dem Geologisch-Paläontologischen Institut der Universität Hamburg
Year: 1989 | Volume: 68 | Pages: 131-157 | article in journal
Lower Silurian Sponges
Ulrich, E. O., Everett, O.
Year: 1890 | Volume: 8 | Pages: 255-282 | article in journal
Grundzuge einer Spongien-Fauna des atlantischen Gebietes
Schmidt, O.
Year: 1870 | Pages: iv + 88 | book
Uber eine neue Art der Gattung Blumenbachium (Konig) und mehrere unzweifelhafte Spongien in obersilurischen Kalkschichten der Grafschaft Decatur im Staate Tennessee in Nord-Amerika
Roemer, R.
Neues Jahrbuch fur Mineralogie, Geologie und Paläontologie
Year: 1848 | Volume: 1848 | Pages: 680-686 | article in journal
Fossile Spongien von Sylt
von Hacht, U.
Fossilien von Sylt II
Year: 1990 | Pages: 103-141 | article in book
Ordovizische Geschiebespongien Europas
von Hacht, U., Rhebergen, F
Berliner Beiträge zur Geschiebeforschung:
Year: 1997 | Pages: 51-63 | article in journal
Syltrochos pyramidoidalis, eine neue oberordovizische Spongie aus der Braderuper Serie der Kaolinsande von Sylt
von Hacht, U.
Grondboor en Hamer
Year: 1981 | Volume: 35 | Pages: 154-155 | article in journal
Sponzentelling op Sylt
von Hacht, U
Grondboor en Hamer
Year: 1994 | Volume: 48 | Pages: 76-80 | article in journal
On the structure of the snout of crossopterygians and lower gnathostomes in general
Jarvik, E.
Zoologiska bidrag från Uppsala
Year: 1942 | Volume: 21 | Pages: 235-675 | article in journal
Crossopterygier-Schuppen aus dem ober-sten Oberdevon Lettlands (Osteichthyes, Pisces))
Schultze, H.-P.
Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie Monatshefte
Year: 1980 | Volume: 4 | Pages: 215–228 | article in journal
New materials on Ventalepis ketleriensis Schultze, 1980 extend the zoogeographic area of a Late Devonian vertebrate assemblage
Lebedev, O., Lukševičs, E.
Acta Geologica Polonica
Year: 2018 | Volume: 68 | Pages: 437–454 | article in journal
A new Silurian echinoid genus from Scotland
Kier, P. M.
Year: 1973 | Volume: 16 | Pages: 651 – 663 | article in journal
Observations upon a new genus of Brachiopoda
Hall, J.
Report of the New York State Museum of Natural History
Year: 1862 | Volume: 15 | Pages: 154–155 | article in journal
Evolution of the spire-bearing brachiopods (Ordovician–Jurassic)
Copper, P., Gourvennec, R.
Brachiopods: The Proceedings of the Third International Brachiopod Congress in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Year: 1996 | Pages: 81–88 | article in book
Upper Silurian Brachiopoda of the central Asiatic part of U.S.S.R.
Nikiforova, O. I.
Year: 1937 | Volume: 35 | Pages: 1-94 | book
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