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The Tommotian phase of the Early Cambrian Agronomic Revolution in the carbonate mud environment of central Siberia
Mazurek, D.
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Cambrian of the Holy Cross Mountains, Poland; biostratigraphy of the Wisniówka Hill succession
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Sedimentary Geology
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Precambrian Research
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Three‐dimensional reconstruction, taphonomic and petrological data suggest that the oldest record of bioturbation is a body fossil coquina
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Papers in Palaeontology
Year: 2023 | Volume: 9 | article in journal
First record of trace fossils in the Ediacaran–Cambrian transition on the northern Gondwana platform (Anti-Atlas, Morocco)
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Cambrian explosion condensed: High-precision geochronology of the lower Wood Canyon Formation, Nevada
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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
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The Oldest Trace Fossils in Association with an Ediacara-Type Biota in the Upper Vendian of the South Urals
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Doklady Earth Sciences
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Piperock ichnofabrics from western Henan, China: spatial distribution pattern and environmental controls on middle Cambrian carbonates
Liu, B., Li, D., Wang, M., Dai, M., He, W., Li, J., Qi, Y.
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Elliptical body fossils from the Fortunian (Early Cambrian) of Normandy (NW France)
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A New Trace Fossil from the Cambrian Bright Angel Shale, Grand Canyon, Arizona
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5th Field Conference of the Cambrian Stage Subdivision Working Group, Abstracts of Papers
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Early Cambrian metazoans in fluvial environments, evidence of the non-marine Cambrian radiation: COMMENT
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Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology
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The ichnogenus Psammichnites in the Cambrian of the Zanskar region: biostratigraphic significance in the correlation of Tethyan Himalaya Cambrian sections, India
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Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie. Abhandlungen
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Li, D., He, X., Liu, B., Zheng, W., Xing, Z., Qi, Y.
Year: 2023 | preprint (article in repository)
Ediacara-Type Biota in the Upper Precambrian of the Timan Range (Dzhezhim–Parma Hill, Komi Republic)
Kolesnikov, A. V., Latysheva, I. V., Shatsillo, A. V., Kuznetsov, N. B., Kolesnikov, A. S., Desiatkin, V. D., Romanyuk, T. V.
Doklady Earth Sciences
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Simple structures and complex stories; potential microbially induced sedimentary structures in the Ediacaran Serra de Santa Helena Formation, Bambui group, Eastern Brazi
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The Skyberg Lagerstätte from the Mjøsa area, Norway: a rare window into the late early Cambrian biodiversityof Scandinavia
Høyberget, M., Ebbestad, J. O. R., Funke, B., Funke, M. K., Nakrem, H. A.
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Depositional history, tectonics, and provenance of the Cambrian-Ordovician boundary interval in the western margin of the North China block
Myrow, P. M., Chen, J., Snyder, Z., Leslie, S., Fike, D. A., Fanning, C. M., Yuan, J., Tang, P.
Geological Society of America Bulletin
Year: 2015 | Volume: 127 | Pages: 1174-1193 | article in journal
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