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Ulisse Aldrovandi (1522–1605): The Study of Trace Fossils During the Renaissance
Baucon, A.
Year: 2009 | Volume: 16 | Pages: 245-256 | article in journal
Two episodic changes of trace fossils through the Permian-Triassic transition in the Meishan cores, Zhejiang Province
Zhao, X., Tong, J.
Science in China - Series D: Earth Sciences
Year: 2010 | Volume: 53 | Pages: 1885-1893 | article in journal
Remains of the alimentary tract in the Late Ordovician trilobitebDalmantina (Praque Basin, Barrandian area, Czech Republic)
Fatka, O., Budil, P., Mikulaš, R.
Year: 2024 | Volume: 130 | Pages: 47-65 | article in journal
The crab Macrophthalmus japonicus burrows on a tidal flat of the Yellow River Delta in China: Their 3D morphological variability in relation to physicochemical conditions and palaeoichnological perspective
Wang, Y., Gou, S., Wang, C., Zhang, G., Uchman, A., Wetzel, A.
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology
Year: 2024 | Volume: 638 | Pages: 112037 | article in journal
Neoichnological analysis of sea stars in the deep sea near the Aleutian Trench: behavioral insights from in situ observations
Miguez-Salas, O., Brandt, A., Moreau, C.
Marine Biodiversity
Year: 2024 | Volume: 54 | article in journal
Diversity and density relationships between lebensspuren and tracemaking organisms: a study case from abyssal northwest Pacific
Miguez-Salas, O., Brandt, A., Knauber, H., Riehl, T.
Year: 2024 | Volume: 21 | Pages: 641-655 | article in journal
Hybrid nature of a new Jurassic-Cretaceous worm burrow indicated by microbial mediation of its wall formation
Kołodziej, B., Lazăr, I., Bucur, I. I., Coman, M., Uchman, A.
Year: 2024 | Volume: 39 | Pages: 1-20 | article in journal
The Tommotian phase of the Early Cambrian Agronomic Revolution in the carbonate mud environment of central Siberia
Mazurek, D.
Year: 2014 | Volume: 47 | Pages: 133-150 | article in journal
A stroll in the forest of the fucoids: Status of Melatercichnus burkei , the doctrine of ichnotaxonomic conservatism and the behavioral ecology of trace fossil variation
Miller, W.
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology
Year: 2011 | Volume: 307 | Pages: 109-116 | article in journal
Intrastratal trace fossil zonation, Cretaceous flysch of northern California
Miller, W.
Year: 1991 | Volume: 1 | Pages: 161–171 | article in journal
Cambrian of the Holy Cross Mountains, Poland; biostratigraphy of the Wisniówka Hill succession
Żylińska, A., Szczepanik, Z., Salwa, S.
Year: 2006 | Volume: 56 | Pages: 443-461 | article in journal
Aratichnus igen. nov. from the Eocene-aged Baronia Formation, Àger Basin, Lleida, Spain
Harris, B. S., Olariu, C., Melnyk, S., LaGrange, M. T., Konhauser, K. O., Gingras, M. K.
Year: 2024 | Pages: 1-14 | article in journal
New dinosaur footprints from the ‘mid’-Cretaceous (Albian-Cenomanian) series of the Ouled Nail Mounts (Algeria)
Naimi, M., Amine, C. Benyoucef, M., Younes, M. C.
Revue de Paleobiologie
Year: 2023 | Volume: 42 | Pages: 273-284 | article in journal
About this title - Ichnology in Shallow-marine and Transitional Environments
Cónsole-Gonella, C., de Valais, S., Díaz-Martínez, I., Citton, P., Verde, M., McIlroy, D.
Geological Society, London, Special Publications
Year: 2023 | Volume: 522 | article in journal
An unusual oxygen-deficient ichnofauna from the Vaca Muerta Formation: implications for the ichnofacies model
Paz, M., Mángano, M. G., Buatois, L. A., Desjardins, P. R., Minisini, D., Tomassini, F. G., Rodríguez, M. N., Pereira, E., Parada, M. N.
Year: 2023 | Volume: 56 | Pages: 1-31 | article in journal
Trazas fósiles de trilobites de la Formación Mojotoro (Ordovícico Inferior-Medio de Salta, Argentina): implicancias paleoecológicas, paleobiológicas y bioestratigráficas
Mángano, M G., Buatois, L. A., Moya, M. C.
Revista Española de Paleontología
Year: 2001 | Volume: 16 | article in journal
Giant Cruziana from Beaufort Group
Shone, R. W.
Transactions of the Geological Society of South Africa
Year: 1978 | Volume: 81 | Pages: 327-329 | article in journal
"Giant Cruziana from Beaufort Group" by R. E. Shone
Stanistreet, I. G., Turner, B. R.
Transactions of the Geological Society of South Africa
Year: 1979 | Volume: 83 | Pages: 371-375 | article in journal
Evolving fluvial—transitional—marine deposition through the Cambrian sequence of Jordan
Amireh, B. S., Schneider, W., Abed, A. M.
Sedimentary Geology
Year: 1994 | Volume: 89 | Pages: 65-90 | article in journal
Ichnofacies Interpretation of Trace Fossils Occurrences in the Paleocene-Lower Eocene Deposits of the Borjomi Canyon
Lebanidze, Z., Uchman, A., Beridze, T., Kobakhidze, N., Lobzhanidze, K., Khutsishvili, S., Chagelishvili, R., Makadze, D., Koiava, K., Khundadze, N.
Bulletin of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences
Year: 2023 | Volume: 17 | article in journal
Ichnologic and paleoenvironmental characterization of the Orchesteropus atavus Frenguelli type locality, Huerta de Huachi, San Juan province, Argentina
Buatois, L. A., Mángano, M. G.
Year: 2003 | Volume: 40 | Pages: 53-70 | article in journal
A new ichnofauna from the Permian of the Zat Valley in the Marrakech High Atlas of Morocco
Moreau, J., Benaouiss, N., Tourani, A., Steyer, J., Laurin, M., Peyer, K., Béthoux, O., Aouda, A., Jalil, N.
Journal of African Earth Sciences
Year: 2020 | Volume: 172 | Pages: 103973 | article in journal
Fish Swimming Traces from the Upper Devonian of Wuhan, South China
Fan, R., Zong, R., Gong, Y.
Journal of Earth Science
Year: 2023 | Volume: 34 | Pages: 1319-1322 | article in journal
Deep-sea Ordovician lingulide brachiopods and their associated burrows suggest an early colonization of proximal turbidite systems
Paz, M., Mángano, M. G., Buatois, L. A., Campetella, D. M., Sproat, C., Pérez-Pueyo, M., Piñuela, L., García-Ramos, J. C.
Scientific Reports
Year: 2023 | Volume: 13 | article in journal
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