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A bio- and chemostratigraphic search for the Mid-Ludfordian Carbon Isotope Excursion interval in the Ludlow of the Ohesaare core, Estonia
Kaljo, D., Märss, T., Martma, T., Nestor, V., Viira, V.
Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences
Year: 2022 | Volume: 71 | Pages: 44-60 | article in journal
Conodonts of the Middle/Upper Ordovician boundary beds in Estonia
Viira, V.
International Conodont Symposium 2006, Abstracts
Year: 2006 | Pages: 82-82 | abstract
Conodont diversity across the onshore-offshore gradient; cozy in brine
Jarochowska, E., Viira, V., Einasto, R., Nawrot, R., Bremer, O., Männik, P., Munnecke, A.
GSA Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado, USA - 2016
Year: 2016 | Pages: Paper No. 45-5 | abstract
Peculiarities of the Late Silurian conodont distribution in the Northern-East Baltic
Viira, V.
27-j Meždunarodnyj geologičeskij kongres: tezisy, tom IX
Year: 1984 | Volume: IX | Pages: 66-66 | abstract
Osobennosti rasprostraneniâ pozdnesilurijskih konodontov v Severnoj Pribaltike
Viira, V.
27-j Meždunarodnyj geologičeskij kongres: tezisy, tom IX
Year: 1984 | Volume: IX | Pages: 66-67 | abstract
Distribution of conodonts
Viira, V., Männik, P.
Estonian Geological Sections Bulletin
Taga-Roostoja (25 A) drill core
Year: 1999 | Volume: 2 | Pages: 9-10 | article in book
Lower Ordovician Leetse Formation in the North Estonian Clint Area
Nemliher, J., Viira, V., Mens, K.
The Sixth Baltic Stratigraphical Conference. August 23-25, 2005 St. Petersburg, Russia
Year: 2005 | abstract
Upper Tremadoc-Arenig conodont biostratigraphy in the northern East Baltic
Viira, V.
Sixth European Conodont Symposium, Warszawa 1996
Year: 1996 | Pages: 61-61 | abstract
Principles of the definition of the Cambrian-Ordovician boundary in the east Baltic
Kaljo, D., Viira, V., Mens, K., Paalits, I., Puura, I., Heinsalu, H.
Third International Symposium on the Cambrian System. 1-9 august 1990, Novosibirsk, USSR. Abstracts
Year: 1990 | Pages: 122-122 | abstract
Morskoj daunton Pribaltiki
Kaljo, D. L., Klaamann, E. R., Sarv, L. J., Viira, V. J.
Granica silura i devona i biostratigrafiâ silura
Year: 1971 | Pages: 94-102 | article in book
Stop C9: Soeginina cliff
Viira, V., Einasto, R.
The Seventh Baltic Stratigraphical Conference, 15-22 May 2008, Estonia. Abstracts
Year: 2008 | Pages: 124-125 | article in book
Facialnyj kontrol' raspredeleniâ fauny v verhnellandoverijsko-venlokskih otloženiâh Severnoj Pribaltiki
Viira, V. J., Klaamann, E. R., Männil, R. P., Nestor, V. V., Rubel, M. P., Sarv, L. I., Einasto, R. E.
Paleotektonika Pribaltiki i Belorussii. Tezisy VIII soveŝaniâ po tektonike Belorussii i Pribaltiki
Year: 1980 | Pages: 20-21 | abstract
Distribution of conodonts
Männik, P., Viira, V.
Estonian Geological Sections Bulletin
Mehikoorma (421) Drill Core
Year: 2005 | Volume: 6 | Pages: 16-20 | article in book
Conodonts of the Wenlock-Ludlow boundary beds on Saaremaa Island, SW Estonia
Viira, V.
Eighth International Conodont Symposium held in Europe (ECOS VIII), Toulouse-Albi, June 22-25, 2002. Abstracts
Year: 2002 | Volume: 12 | Pages: 106-106 | abstract
Viira, V., Männik, P.
Geology and Mineral Resources of Estonia
Year: 1997 | Pages: 241-244 | article in book
Varangu Stage
Heinsalu, H., Viira, V.
Geology and Mineral Resources of Estonia
Year: 1997 | Pages: 58-58 | article in book
Orientation, morphological terms and measurements of simple conodonts
Sergeeva, S. P., Moskalenko, T. A., Viira, V. J., Abaimova, G. P.
Paleontologicheski Zhurnal
Year: 1975 | Volume: 3 | Pages: 113-121 | article in journal
Facial'nyj kontrol' raspredeleniâ fauny v verhnellandoverijsko- venlokskih otloženiâh Severnoj Pribaltiki
Viira, V. J., Klaamann, E. R., Männil, R. P., Nestor, V. V., Rubel, M. P., Sarv, L. J., Einasto, R. E.
Tezisy dokladov XXII sessii Vsesoûznogo paleontologičeskogo obŝestva (26-30 ânvarâ 1976 g.)
Year: 1976 | Pages: 20-21 | abstract
Zavisimost' silurijskih konodontov ot facial'nogo haraktera otloženij v skvažine Ohesaare Èstonii
Viira, V., Einasto, R.
Tezisy dokladov šestogo Vsesoûznogo mikropaleontologičeskogo soveŝaniâ
Year: 1973 | Pages: 43-43 | abstract
Konodonty ordovika Pribaltiki
Viira, V.
kandidaaditöö autoreferaat
Year: 1970 | Pages: 1-24 | PhD thesis / Doctoral thesis / Candidate thesis
Biochemostratigraphical correlation of upper Silurian sections along the western coasts of Estonia and Latvia: problems and solutions
Kaljo, D., Einasto, R., Martma, T., Märss, T., Nestor, H., Nestor, V.-K., Viira, V.
9th Baltic Stratigraphical Conference, 8-9 September 2014 Vilnius, Lithuania
Year: 2014 | Volume: 56 | Pages: 21-21 | abstract
Facialnye zakonomernosti raspredeleniâ fauny v verhnem llandoveri i venloke Severnoi Pribaltiki
Klaamann, E. R., Einasto, R. E., Viira, V. J., Männil, R. P., Nestor, V. V., Rubel, M. P., Sarv, L. I.
rudy XXII sessii VPO. Èkostratigrafiâ i èkologicheskie sistemy geologičeskogo prošlogo
Year: 1980 | Pages: 38-47 | article in book
Mis on konodondid?
Jaaska, V.
Eesti Loodus
Year: 1965 | Pages: 34-36 | article in journal
Cambrian-Ordovician boundary in siliciclastic deposits of North estonia
Viira, V., Puura, I.
WOGOGOB-2001. Abstracts
Year: 2001 | Pages: 44-45 | abstract
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