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Gilsonicaris from the Lower Devonian Hunsrück slate is a eunicidan annelid and not the oldest crown anostracan crustacean
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Aasta: 2023 | Köide: 19 | artikkel ajakirjas
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The Cambrian radiation event
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The Origin of Major Invertebrate Groups
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Depth from trace fossils and body fossils
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Evidences of life in Proterozoic deposits of the Camaquã Basin (S Brasil): a synthesis
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Ichnology of Latin America - Selected Papers
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Early Cambrian Ediacaran-type fossils from California
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Journal of Paleontology
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Journal of the Czech Geological Society
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New Ediacaran fossils from the Ukraine, some with a putative tunicate relationship
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What Happens Between Depositional Events, Stays Between Depositional Events: The Significance of Organic Mat Surfaces in the Capture of Ediacara Communities and the Sedimentary Rocks That Preserve Them
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Palaeopascichnids from the Upper Vendian Chernyi Kamen Formation of the Middle Urals (Perm Region)
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Upper Vendian macrofossils of Eastern Europe, Middle Dniester area and Volhynia
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A pyritized polychaete from the Devonian of Ontario
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Microfossils and Precambrian–Cambrian boundary stratigraphy at Maldeota, Lesser Himalaya
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Animal—sediment relationships in the Ordovician and Silurian of the Welsh Basin
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Morris, S. C., Pickerill, R. K., Harland, T. L.
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