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Comparative study on some Jurassic and Recent endolithic Fungi using scanning electron microscope
Gatrall, M., Golubic, S.
Geological Journal
Trace Fossils
Year: 1970 | Volume: 3 | Pages: 167-178 | chapter in book
New euendolithic Cyanobacteria from the Bahama Bank and the Arabian Gulf: Hyella racemus sp. nov.
Al-Thukair, A. A., Golubić, S., Rosen, G.
Journal of Phycology
Year: 1994 | Volume: 30 | Pages: 764-769 | article in journal
New endolithic cyanobacteria from the Arabian Gulf. I. Hyella immanis sp. nov
Al-Thukair, A. A., Golubić, S.
Journal of Phycology
Year: 1991 | Volume: 27 | Pages: 766-780 | article in journal
Fungi in corals: black bands and density-banding of Porites lutea and P. lobata skeleton
Priess, K., Le Campion-Alsumard, T., Golubic, S., Gadel, F., Thomassin, B.
Year: 2000 | Volume: 136 | Pages: 19-27 | article in journal
Endolithic fungi in reef-building corals (Order: Scleractinia) are common, cosmopolitan, and potentially pathogenic
Bentis, C. J., Kaufman, L., Golubic, S.
Year: 2000 | Volume: 198 | Pages: 254-260 | article in journal
Developmental aspects of biomineralisation in the Polynesian pearl oyster Pinctada margaritifera var. cumingii
Mao Che, L., Golubic, S., Le Campion-Alsumard, T., Payri, C.
Year: 2001 | Volume: 24 | Pages: 37-49 | article in journal
Epibiotic relationships in Mesoproterozoic fossil record: Gaoyuzhuang Formation, China
Lee, S.-J., Golubic, S., Verrecchia, E.
Year: 1999 | Volume: 27 | Pages: 1059 | article in journal
Bioerosion of experimental substrates on high islands and on atoll lagoons (French Polynesia) after two years of exposure
Pari, N., Peyrot-Clausade, M., Le Campion-Alsumard, T., Hutchings, P., Chazottes, V., Golubic, S., Le Campion, J., Fontaine, M.F.
Marine Ecology Progress Series
Year: 1998 | Volume: 166 | Pages: 119-130 | article in journal
Microbial assemblages involved in tropical coastal bioerosion: An Atlantic-Pacific comparison
Radtke, G., Golubic, S., Gorthe, J.W.
Proceedings of the 8th International Coral Reef Symposium Vol. 2
Year: 1997 | Pages: 1825-1829 | article in book
On the euendolithic genus Solentia Ercegović (Cyanophyta/Cyanobacteria)
Le Campion-Alsumard, T. Golubic, S., Pantazidou, A.
Algological Studies
Year: 1996 | Volume: 83 | Pages: 107-127 | article in journal
Biodegradation of shells of the black pearl oyster, Pinctada margaritifera var. cumingii, by microborers and sponges of French Polynesia
Mao Che, L., Le Campion-Alsumard, T., Boury-Esnault, N., Payri, C., Golubic, S., Bézac, C.
Marine Biology
Year: 1996 | Volume: 126 | Pages: 509-519 | article in journal
Characterization of Hyella caespitosa var. arbuscula var. nov. (Cyanophyta, Cyanobacteria) from shoaling ooid sand grains, Arabian Gulf
Al-Thukair, A. A., Golubić, S.
International symposium entitled "Recent trends in phycology", Contributions in phycology; 1994; Madras; India
Year: 1996 | Volume: 112 | Pages: 83-92 | article in book
Microbial endoliths in skeletons of live and dead corals: Porites lobata (Moorea, French Polynesia)
Le Campion-Alsumard, T., Golubic, S., Hutchings, P.
Marine Ecology Progress Series
Year: 1995 | Volume: 117 | Pages: 149-157
A bibliographic overview of micro- and macroscopic bioerosion
Radtke, G., Hofmsnn, K., Golubic, S.
Courier Forschungsinstitut Senckenberg
Year: 1997 | Volume: 201 | Pages: 307-340 | article in journal
Fungi in corals: symbiosis or disease? Interaction between polyps and fungi causes pearl-like skeleton biomineralization
Le Campion-Alsumard, T., Golubić, S., Priess, K.
Marine Ecology Progress Series
Year: 1995 | Volume: 117 | Pages: 137-147 | article in journal
Proterozoic and living cyanobacteria
Knoll, A. H., Golubić, S.
Early Organic Evolution
Year: 1992 | Pages: 450-462 | article in book
Iyengariella endolithica sp. nova, a carbonate boring stigonematalean cyanobasterium from a warm spring-fed lake: nature to culture
Seeler, J.-S., Golubić, S.
Algological Studies
Year: 1991 | Volume: 64 | Pages: 399-410 | article in journal
Five new Hyella species from the Arabian Gulf
Al-Thukair, A. A., Golubić, S.
Algological Studies
Year: 1991 | Volume: 64 | Pages: 167-197 | article in journal
Mussel Periostracum from Deep-Sea Redox Communities as a Microbial Habitat: 2. The Pit Borers
Hook, J. E., Golubić, S.
Marine Geology
Year: 1990 | Volume: 11 | Pages: 239-254 | article in journal
Mussel Periostracum from Deep-Sea Redox Communities as a Microbial Habitat: The Scalloping Periostracum Borer
Hook, J. E., Golubić, S.
Marine Ecology
Year: 1988 | Volume: 9 | Pages: 347-364 | article in journal
Phycological expertise in geological applications
Golubić, S., Zhang, Y.
Year: 1985 | Volume: 123 | Pages: 193-198 | article in journal
Hyella caespitosa Bornet et Flahault and Hyella balani Lehman (Pleurocapsales, Cyanophyta): a comparative study
Le Campion-Alsumard, T., Golubić, S.
Algological Studies
Year: 1985 | Volume: 71 | Pages: 119-148 | article in journal
Micritic cement in microborings is not necessarily a shallow-water indicator
Hook, J. E., Golubić, S., Milliman, J. D.
Journal of Sedimentary Petrology
Year: 1984 | Volume: 54 | Pages: 425-431 | article in journal
New endolithic cyanophythes from the North Atlantic Ocean: II Hyella gigas Lukas & Golubic sp. nov. from the Florida continental margin
Lukas, K., Golubić, S.
Journal of Phycology
Year: 1983 | Volume: 19 | Pages: 129-136 | article in journal
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