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Le Campion-Alsumard et al., 1996

On the euendolithic genus Solentia Ercegović (Cyanophyta/Cyanobacteria)

Le Campion-Alsumard, T. Golubic, S., Pantazidou, A.
JournalAlgological Studies
Typearticle in journal


Speciation, development, ecology and fine structure of the cyanobacterial euen dolithic genus Solentia Ercegovic are reviewed, with special reference to natural populations of taxa common on carbonate coasts of subtropical and tropical seas. Morphological variability of natural populations is morphometrically evaluated and correlated with species distribution and ecological conditions at the habitat. Diacritical taxonomic criteria for delimitaton of species within the genus Solentia are evaluated by the study of intra-and interpopulational variability, and the relationship of Solentia to similar genera of euendolithic cyanobacteria is discussed. Electron micrographic images of oriented sections of S. paulocellulare reveal a polarity in glycocalyx formation and a possible mechanism of carbonate penetration.

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