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The trace fossil Thalassinoides paradoxicus Kennedy, 1967 revisited from its type locality (Albian-Cenomanian chalk, SE England)
Knaust, D.
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology
Year: 2024 | Volume: 634 | Pages: 111913 | article in journal
Fe–Mn-encrusted “Kamenitza” and associated features in the Jurassic of Monte Kumeta (Sicily): subaerial and/or submarine dissolution?
Di Stefano, P., Mindszenty, A.
Sedimentary Geology
Year: 2000 | Volume: 132 | Pages: 37-68 | article in journal
Interaction of stratigraphic and sedimentological heterogeneities with flow in carbonate ramp reservoirs: impact of fluid properties and production strategy
Fitch, P. J. R., Jackson, M. D., Hampson, G. J., John, C. M.
Petroleum Geoscience
Year: 2014 | Volume: 20 | Pages: 7-26 | article in journal
Sulphate reduction associated with hardgrounds: Lithification afterburn!
Dickson, J., Wood, R., Bu Al Rougha, H., Shebl, H.
Sedimentary Geology
Year: 2008 | Volume: 205 | Pages: 34-39 | article in journal
Towards the standardization of sequence stratigraphy
Catuneanu, O., Abreu, V., Bhattacharya, J., Blum, M., Dalrymple, R., Eriksson, P., Fielding, C., Fisher, W., Galloway, W., Gibling, M., Giles, K., Holbrook, J., Jordan, R., Kendall, C., Macurda, B., Martinsen, O., Miall, A., Neal, J., Nummedal, D., Pomar, L., Posamentier, H., Pratt, B., Sarg, J., Shanley, K., Steel, R., Strasser, A., Tucker, M., Winker, C.
Earth-Science Reviews
Year: 2009 | Volume: 92 | Pages: 1-33 | article in journal
Drowning unconformities: Palaeoenvironmental significance and involvement of global processes
Godet, A.
Sedimentary Geology
Year: 2013 | Volume: 293 | Pages: 45-66 | article in journal
Isotope signatures associated with early meteoric diagenesis
Allan, J., Matthews, R.
Year: 1982 | Volume: 29 | Pages: 797-817 | article in journal
Carbonate Cementation in Coralline Algal Nodules in the Skagerrak, North Sea: Biochemical Precipitation in Undersaturated Waters
Alexandersson, T.
Journal of Sedimentary Research
Year: 1974 | Volume: 44 | Pages: 7-26 | article in journal
Recent littoral and sublittoral high-Mg calcite lithification in the Mediterranean
Alexandersson, T.
Year: 1969 | Volume: 12 | Pages: 47-61 | article in journal
Hiatuses and Core Correlations
Ivanova, E., Borisov, D., Murdmaa, I.
The Ioffe Drift
Year: 2021 | Pages: 145-159 | chapter in book
Oxygenation of the Baltoscandian shelf linked to Ordovician biodiversification
Lindskog, A., Young, S. A., Bowman, C. N., Kozik, N. P., Newby, S. M., Eriksson, M. E., Pettersson, J., Molin, E., Owens, J. D.
Nature Geoscience
Year: 2023 | article in journal
Secondary hardground-communities in the northern Gulf of Trieste, Adriatic Sea
Zuschin, M., Pervesler, P.
Senckenbergiana Maritima
Year: 1996 | Volume: 28 | Pages: 53–63 | article in journal
Structural features and taphonomic pathways of a high‐biomass epifauna in the northern Gulf of Trieste, Adriatic Sea
Zuschin, M., Stachowitsch, M., Pervesler, P., Kollmann, H.
Year: 1999 | Volume: 32 | Pages: 299-317 | article in journal
Rocky-shore unconformities marking the base of Badenian (Middle Miocene) transgressions on Mt. Medvednica basement (North Croatian Basin, Central Paratethys)
Brlek, M., Iveša, L., Brčić, V., Santos, A., Ćorić, S., Milošević, M., Avanić, R., Devescovi, M., Pezelj, Đ., Mišur, I., Miknić, M.
Year: 2018 | Volume: 64 | article in journal
Isotopic and trace element evidence for submarine lithification of hardgrounds in the Jurassic of eastern England
Marshall, J. D., Ashton, M.
Year: 1980 | Volume: 27 | Pages: 271-289 | article in journal
Kilop Cretaceous Hardground (Kale, Gümüshane, NE Turkey):description and origin
Eren, M., Tasli, K.
Journal of Asian Earth Sciences
Year: 2002 | Volume: 20 | Pages: 433-448 | article in journal
Marine hardground in the Pennsylvanian Atoka Bank Carbonates, Eddy County, New Mexico
Eren, M.
Arabian Journal of Geosciences
Year: 2022 | Volume: 15 | Pages: 1646 | article in journal
Hiatuses and redeposits in the Tithonian-Berriasian transition at Le Chouet (Les Près, La Drôme, SE France): Sedimentological and biostratigraphical implications
Granier, B. R., Ferry, S., Benzaggagh, M.
Carnets de Géologie
Year: 2023 | Volume: 23 | Pages: 123-147 | article in journal
The origins and transformation of carbonate mud during early marine burial diagenesis and the fate of aragonite: A stratigraphic sedimentological perspective
Munnecke, A., Wright, V. P., Nohl, T.
Earth-Science Reviews
Year: 2023 | Volume: 239 | Pages: 104366 | article in journal
Paleoecological, Evolutionary and Taphonomic Effects of Seawater Chemistry in Paleozoic and Mesozoic Calcite Seas
Wilson, M. A., Palmer, T. J.
The Paleontological Society Special Publications
Year: 1996 | Volume: 8 | Pages: 424-424 | article in journal
Geochemical variations in Quaternary hardgrounds from the Hellenic Trench region and possible relationship to their tectonic setting
McKenzie, J. A., Bernoulli, D.
Year: 1982 | Volume: 86 | Pages: 149-157 | article in journal
Middle and Late Jurassic tube-dwelling polychaetes from the Polish Basin: diversity, palaeoecology and comparisons with other assemblages
Słowiński, J., Vinn, O., Jaeger, M., Zatoń, M.
Acta Palaeontologica Polonica
Year: 2022 | Volume: 67 | article in journal
Hierarchy of sedimentary discontinuity surfaces and condensed beds from the middle Paleozoic of eastern North America: Implications for cratonic sequence stratigraphy
McLaughlin, P. I., Carlton E. Brett, C. E., Wilson, M. A.
Dynamics of Epeiric Seas
Year: 2008 | Pages: 175-200 | article in book
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