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The Silurian inception of inland desert ecosystems: trace fossil evidence from the Mereenie Sandstone, Northern Territory, Australia
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Scottish Silurian trilobites
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Bicknell, R. D. C., Smith, P. M.
The Science of Nature
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Hierarchy of sedimentary discontinuity surfaces and condensed beds from the middle Paleozoic of eastern North America: Implications for cratonic sequence stratigraphy
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Special Papers in Palaeontology
The Murchison Symposium: Proceedings of an International Symposium on the Silurian System
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Vinn, O., Ernst, A., Wilson, M., Toom, U.
Annales Societatis Geologorum Poloniae
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Paleośrodowisko mułowców sylurskich z basenu lubelskiego i bałtyckiego w świetle analizy ichnologicznej
Uchman, A.
Opracowanie map zasięgu, biostratygrafia utworów dolnego paleozoiku oraz analiza ewolucji tektonicznej przykrawędziowej strefy platformy wschodnioeuropejskiej dla oceny rozmieszczenia niekonwencjonalnych złóż węglowodorów
Year: 2018 | Pages: 278–296 | article in book
Cruziana acacensis - the first Silurian index-trace fossil from Southern Africa
Potgieter, C. D., Oelofsen, B. W.
Transactions of the Geological Society of South Africa
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Evolution of burrowing behavior in Silurian trilobites: ichnosubspecies of Cruziana acacensis
Seilacher, A.
The geology of Sirt Basin, Volume 1
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Ichnostratigraphic correlation of Lower Palaeozoic clastics in the Kufra Basin (SE Libya)
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Year: 2002 | Volume: 35 | Pages: 257-262 | article in journal
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