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Trace fossils from the Maastrichtian chalk of the Isle of Rügen, north-east Germany
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XXXIII.—<i>Note on a new species of</i> Clionites
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Description d’un nouveau Trypetesa Norman (=Alcippe Hancock), cirripède acrothoracique des côtes françaises de la Manche
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Genetic differentiation and host usage of coral and fire coral-associated barnacles (Cirripedia: Pyrgomatinae and Wanellininae) across the Indian and Pacific Oceans
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Chemical attraction of newly hatched oyster drills
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Bioerosion ichnodiversity in barnacles from the Ross Sea, Antarctica
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Polar Biology
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Densely packed concentrations of sessile barnacles (Cirripedia: Sessilia) from the Early Pliocene of SE Spain
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Trace fossil Acrothoracica (Cirripedia) from the Eocene of the Krivoi Rog Basin
Abletz, V. V.
Paleontologicheski Zhurnal
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Turtle barnacles have been turtle riders for more than 30 million years
Collareta, A., Rasser, M. W., Frey, E., Harzhauser, M.
Paläontologische Zeitschrift
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3D morphology of post mortem acrothoracican borings in Famennian heterocorals – a morphological diversification or a continuum ichnospecies?
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Annales Societatis Geologorum Poloniae
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Re-deposited rhodoliths in the Middle Miocene hemipelagic deposits of Vitulano (Southern Apennines, Italy): Coralline assemblage characterization and related trace fossils
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Demosponges as substrate: An example from the Pennsylvanian of North America
Gundrum, L. E.,
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Significance of epibionts on horn corals from the Chainman Shale (Upper Mississippian) of Utah
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Journal of Paleontology
Year: 1984 | Volume: 58 | Pages: 185–196 | article in journal
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