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Loydell et al., 1998a

Integrated biostratigraphy of the lower Silurian of the Ohesaare core, Saaremaa, Estonia

Loydell, D. K., Kaljo, D., Männik, P.
JournalGeological Magazine
Typearticle in journal
Estonian author


Integrated graptolite, conodont and chitinozoan biostratigraphical data are presented from the lower Silurian of the Ohesaare core, Saaremaa, Estonia. A precise correlation of graptolite and conodont biozonations for much of the Telychian and Sheinwoodian is presented; this differs significantly from correlations suggested previously, which were based on inadequate graptolite data. The boundary between the celloni and amorphognathoides conodont biozones lies close to that between the spiralis and lapworthi graptolite biozones. The boundary between the bicornis and procerus conodont superzones lies mid-way through the murchisoni graptolite Biozone. The top of the procerus conodont Superzone lies at or very close to the boundary between the murchisoni and firmus graptolite biozones. The boundary between the Lower and Upper ranuliformis conodont biozones lies close to the boundary between the firmus and riccartonensis graptolite biozones. The precise position of the Llandovery–Wenlock boundary cannot be identified in the core. The newly demonstrated biozonal correlations are significant for studies of Silurian chronostratigraphy (previous estimates of the duration of the epochs and ages of the Silurian were based on inaccurate correlations) and sea-level changes. Palaeogeographically, the setting of Ohesaare is considered to be relatively deep shelf. Perhaps surprisingly, there is a major unconformity in the Llandovery of the core: much, if not all, of the Aeronian is missing, as is the lower part of the Telychian.

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