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de la Puente & Rubinstein, 2013

Ordovician chitinozoans and marine phytoplankton of the Central Andean Basin, northwestern Argentina: A biostratigraphic and paleobiogeographic approach

de la Puente, G. S., Rubinstein, C. V.
JournalReview of Palaeobotany and Palynology
Typearticle in journal


Ordovician deposits from the Central Andean Basin cover a vast region with thick exposed sequences in several areas, including the Sierras Subandinas, Cordillera Oriental and Puna geological provinces of northwestern Argentina. This basin was situated along the active margin of a Paleozoic foreland basin in western Gondwana. Continuous sedimentation occurred in different paleoenvironments from east to west: marginal marine settings with estuarine and deltaic deposits (Sierras Subandinas), shallow marine shelf environments with large clastic deposits in the central part (Cordillera Oriental–eastern Puna), and deep marine deposits with volcaniclastic supplies (western Puna). Limited biostratigraphic and chronostratigraphic data from these sequences are known from graptolites, conodonts and trilobites, and more recently also from palynomorphs. An analysis of Ordovician sections from the different sedimentological settings of northwestern Argentina produced 60 chitinozoan-bearing samples from which 19 genera and 45 species have been recorded. Four chitinozoan assemblages were observed in the Lower Ordovician from northwestern Argentina. Correlations with other fossil groups provide independent biostratigraphic control. A stratigraphic range chart of selected acritarch taxa throughout the Ordovician of the Central Andean Basin is developed and biostratigrapic or potential biostratigraphic markers for the basin are proposed. In northwestern Argentina, Late Ordovician chitinozoan assemblages display affinities with Polar to Subpolar faunas.

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