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Märss, 1997a

Vertebrates of the Pridoli and Silurian-Devonian boundary beds in Europe

Märss, T.
JournalModern Geology
Typearticle in journal
Estonian author


The succession of vertebrates from the Pridoli and Silurian-Devonian transition of some regions of Europe: East Baltic (Estonia, Latvia, Kaliningrad District), Poland, the Central Urals and Bohemia is briefly described. Different vertebrate assemblages occurred in the marine, shallow-water shelf and deep-water shelf environments. This has led to the compilation of a separate zonal scheme, based only on acanthodians, for the deep-shelf sediments of the East Baltic. Two new zones have been defined for the first time: Poracanthodes porosus in the upper Ludlow - lower Pridoli and Nostolepis alta in the uppermost Pridoli.

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