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Milàn, 2010

Coprolites from the Danian limestone (Lower Paleocene) of Faxe Quarry, Denmark

Milàn, J.
BookCrocodyle tracks and traces
Editor(s)Milàn, J., Lucas, S. G., Lockley, M. G. & Spielmann, J. A.
JournalNew Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science Bulletin
Typearticle in book


A collection of coprolites found in the Danian (Lower Paleocene) limestone of Faxe Quarry, Denmark, is described and attributed to the respective producers. Small, drop-like specimens with weak signs of spiral coiling are attributed to fish. Larger, heteropolar, spirally-coiled specimens are attributed to sharks, and large, cylindrical coprolites with longitudinal striations on the surface are identified as crocodile coprolites. Fish and sharks are known from abundant finds of otoliths and teeth in Faxe Quarry, and crocodiles are known from finds of single bones and teeth.

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