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Baraboshkin & Baraboshkin, 2023

The Structure and Origin of the Albian Rockground in the Chernorech’e Village Area of Southwestern Crimea

Baraboshkin, E. Yu., Baraboshkin, E. E,
JournalMoscow University Geology Bulletin
Typearticle in journal


The depositional environments and history of the formation of a unique geological object, an Albian rockground on the surface of Upper Jurassic limestones, were studied in the Chernorech’e Village area of southwestern Crimea. The rockground is covered by borings left by bivalve rock borers attributed to differ ent ichnospecies of the genus Gastrochaenolites such as G. aff. anuchen (Wilson and Palmer, 1998), G. torpedo (Kelly and Bromley, 1984), G. lapidicus (Kelly and Bromley, 1984), G. isp., and Trypanites isp. The average bioerosion rate is estimated at 0.0068 m3/m2.

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