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Lebanidze et al., 2023

Ichnofacies Interpretation of Trace Fossils Occurrences in the Paleocene-Lower Eocene Deposits of the Borjomi Canyon

Lebanidze, Z., Uchman, A., Beridze, T., Kobakhidze, N., Lobzhanidze, K., Khutsishvili, S., Chagelishvili, R., Makadze, D., Koiava, K., Khundadze, N.
JournalBulletin of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences
Typearticle in journal


The results of recently conducted integrated ichnological-sedimentological studies of the Paleocene-Lower Eocene deposits in the central part of the Achara-Trialeti Fold-and-Thrust Belt and inparticular within the Borjomi canyon are presented. Three sections containing trace fossils have beeninvestigated, i.e. the Papa, Ardagani 1 (Paleocene) and Ardagani 3 (Lower Eocene) sections. Theanalysis of trace fossil assemblages and sedimentological features helped to interpret depositionalenvironments of these sections. The Papa section represents a part of the outer deep-sea fan. TheArdagani-1 section belongs to the distal part of deep-sea turbiditic depositional system. The lowerand the upper part of the Ardagani-3 section represents the channel off-axis (intra-channel or thechannel-lobe transition) and a part of the deep-sea fan environment (such as the channel margin,depositional lobe or fan fringe), respectively. It has been assumed that Paleocene–Lower Eocenedeposits of the Borjomi canyon represent a deep-sea turbiditic depositional environment within theAchara-Trialeti rift basin.

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