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Miller, W., 1991

Intrastratal trace fossil zonation, Cretaceous flysch of northern California

Miller, W.
Typearticle in journal


Dissection of fine‐grained turbidites within the Franciscan complex at Trinidad Harbor reveals intrastratal zonation of biogenic structures. The pre‐depositional association comprises only three ichnotaxa (preserved in convex hyporelief) and is less diverse than the tiered post‐depositional association (comprised by at least seven ichnotaxa preserved in full relief). The latter association is dominated by Melatercichnus (n. ichnogen.). Post‐depositional trace‐makers exploited abundant plant detritus deposited with the turbidite sand. Temporal alternation of trace fossil associations resulted from the infrequent, but catastrophic, disturbance of pre‐turbidite communities and local replacement by assemblies of opportunistic organisms. Although probably short‐lived at specific sites, the post‐turbidite infauna was tiered, enabling a variety of deposit feeders to harvest phytodetritus of varied size or density simultaneously at different depths within newly deposited turbidite sand layers

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