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Kolesnikov et al., 2023a

Ediacara-Type Biota in the Upper Precambrian of the Timan Range (Dzhezhim–Parma Hill, Komi Republic)

Kolesnikov, A. V., Latysheva, I. V., Shatsillo, A. V., Kuznetsov, N. B., Kolesnikov, A. S., Desiatkin, V. D., Romanyuk, T. V.
JournalDoklady Earth Sciences
Typearticle in journal


Macroscopic fossils as composite molds and casts of Ediacara-type soft-bodied organisms were found in the Dzhezhim Formation of the Timan Range for the first time. Among them, representatives of palaeopascichnids, arboreomorphs, chuariomorphids, microbial colonies, and trace fossils were identified. This finding of such a large number of various Ediacaran fossils on the Timan Range not only develops our understanding of their paleogeographic range but also clarifies the age limits of the deposition of the Dzhezhim Formation, the stratigraphic position of which in the Upper Precambrian section was controversial.

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