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Tull & Böhning-Gaese, 1993

Patterns of Drilling Predation on Gastropods of the Family Turritellidae in the Gulf of California

Tull, D. S., Böhning-Gaese, K.
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Predatory marine snails and their prey provide a unique look at many aspects of predation events, allowing behavioral inference and studies of coevolution. This study examines differential predation patterns, rates, and success of two co-occurring gastropod predator families which drill two co-occurring species of Turritella (Turritelliade: Gastropoda) in the Gulf of California. Both naticid and muricid predators, identified by the shapes of their respective boreholes, attacked the thinner-shelled Turritella leucostoma more frequently than the thicker-shelled Turritella gonostoma. Both species were drilled more frequently and more successfully by naticid, as compared to muricid, predators. Naticids drilled prey in the 40- to 70-mm size class most frequently. Prey over 100 mm in length were relatively safe from all drilling predators. Predator size (estimated by borehole diameter) in naticids was correlated with prey size in both species, but for a given-sized prey, predators on T. gonostoma were proportionally larger. There was no size correlation for muricid predators. Unsuccessful attempts (incomplete drilling) were started on the suture more often than were completed holes, for both predator families on both prey species. naticids began drilling T.leucostoma on the suture significantly less than expected by chance. We looked for possible changes over evolutionary time by analyzing prey shells from Pleistocene and Recent storm deposits. We found no evidence of change in any aspect of implied predatory behavior over the past 100 k.y.

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