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Viira, 1999

Late Silurian conodont biostratigraphy in the northern East Baltic

Viira, V.
JournalBollettino della Società Paleontologica Italiana
Typearticle in journal
Estonian author


Conodont biostratigraphy of he late Silurian Paadla to Ohesaare stages of the northern East Baltic is described based on the conodont fauna collected over a long period from the rock samples of many outcrops an d about 20 borehole sections. The conodont distribution from shallow shelf (Kolka borehole) through open shelf (Ohesaare and Ventspils boreholes) to deeper part (Pavilosta borehole) of the Palaeobaltic Basin is discussed. A stratigraphically rather sharp faunal change took place on the boundary of the Paadla and Kuressaare stages. The studied interval includes the snajdri, crispa and remscheidensis zones. The fast zone is subdivided into four subzones: baccara, eosteinhornensis, canadensis and remscheidensis. The eosteinhornensis Subzone marks the beginning of the Pridoli. The detona Zone occupies a short interval in the remscheidensis Subzone. 


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